Features of the B206 (current model has slots sub-divided for use with KATS)
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B206 — Basic Belt (unpadded)

Unpadded belt for carrying small accessories on your waist.
  • Kinesis belts fit over streetwear, including your pants belt.
  • Constructed with 50mm (2") wide nylon webbing, with no padding.
  • Cut with extra webbing for use over winter apparel.
  • Six attachment points, or space for five single-wide pouches.*
  • Not compatible with certain pack or pack frame combinations.
  • All belts include a pair of B501 50mm (2") sliders which helps keep the belt buckle from loosening.

*See “Modularity is the Key” on this page for explanation of pouch widths.


Fits from 24" (61cm) up to a 50" (127cm) waist.

Special Note for those traveling to the Arctic: Quality buckles are made from either nylon or acetal (Delrin®). We use a nylon/acetal combination for our belts because at normal temperatures it is stronger & more impact resistant than 100% acetal. Nylon, however, may not be suitable for high humidity (white water rafting, kayaking or canoeing) or extreme subzero (-20ºF or less) temperatures. Special order belts with substitute acetal buckles are available at no additional cost.

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa