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Distance Cycling (paperback book)


Distance Cycling (paperback book)


By John Hughes who has been an endurance cyclist since 1975, spending 15 of those years as a coach and trainer. Co-authored by Dan Kehlenbach, who has been coaching cyclists and other endurance athletes since 1995.

Everyone from experienced distance cyclists to those preparing for their first century ride will benefit from the training advice and strategies featured in Distance Cycling. Lead author John Hughes, one of ultracycling’s most respected names, helps inspire riders of all ability levels through practical advice for centuries, brevets, and more.

Century, brevet, cross-state, ultradistance—there is only one book that covers them all. Distance Cycling is a comprehensive guide for planning, training, and competing in long-distance events.

Long-time distance cycling great John Hughes, an endurance coach and sport science expert, and coach Dan Kehlenbach team up to cover the sport from every angle. Combining sport science, including the latest research on training and conditioning, with hands-on advice for planning and performance, Distance Cycling will ensure you get the most from every ride.

With Distance Cycling, you will learn how to
  • select the distance events best suited to you;
  • prepare yourself for the physical and psychological demands of the sport
  • train for century rides and brevets using the 8- and 15-week conditioning programs; and
  • conquer grueling ultradistance rides.
You’ll also learn how to fuel properly before, during, and after events; how to select the best equipment for your ride; how to perform basic roadside maintenance on your bike; and how to avoid the most common injuries in distance cycling.

Before you ride, read this book. As the ultimate guide for the ultimate sport, Distance Cycling will help you ride longer, stronger, and more comfortably in every event.


Chapter 1. Going the Distance
Chapter 2. Selecting Your Event
Chapter 3. Baseline Conditioning
Chapter 4. Fueling the Distance Cyclist
Chapter 5. Gearing Up for the Long Haul
Chapter 6. Preparing Your Body to Go the Distance
Chapter 7. Conquering the Century and 200K
Chapter 8. Ultimate Training for Ultra Events
Chapter 9. Mastering the Multiday
Chapter 10. Ultradistance Riding
Chapter 11. Preventing Injury 

Richard’s Recommendation 

I believe this is the fist book written by an American author on this topic. It contains many pages of training routines and information on racing and randoneeuring both.


• 272 pages
• 7x10" (18 x 25cm)
• Paperback. Illustrations and B&W photos throughout.
• ISBN-13: 9780736089241
• 2011 Copyright

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