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Chamois Glide Balm (1.3 oz.)

Chamois Glide Balm (1.3 oz.)


  • From the makers of BodyGlide
  • Anti-Friction in a easy-to-apply stick.
  • Allows skin to breathe, yet guards skin against rash & dryness. Protects skin against wetness.
  • Long-lasting, penetrates, lubricates, rubproof & moisturizes.
  • Glides on from a stick. Easy to apply, yet is non-oily & greasy. Removes with soap.
  • Does not evaporate. Waterproof and sweat proof. Does not stain & hypoallergenic.
  • Travel size will fit in saddle bag, running belt or back of jersey pocket.
  • Apply on feet or toes wherever shoes, boots or sandals rub. Legs, chest or buttocks wherever clothing rubs.

Richard’s Recommendation

According to BodyGlide, this is the same formulation as the original, but with an added mint smell and new packaging to appeal to cyclists. I recommend you use this size for general use and then pack the smaller container of original anti-chafe for “touch ups” during long rides.
I have heard from Ken Bonner, the legendary ultra-cyclist from Canada, that he prefers this over other, more messy creams (July 2010 note).


Net weight: 36.9 g (1.3 oz.), Gross package weight (verified): 67 g (2.4 oz.)
Package size: 10x5.5x3cm (deodorant size)
eoGEAR SKU # 5931-130

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