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Nalgene Blue OTG “flip-top” Bottle (.70 liter)

Nalgene Blue OTG “flip-top” Bottle (.70 liter)


  • One handed operation so you can pop the top and take a drink without letting go of your momentum... or anything else for that matter.
  • 63mm opening compatible with most water purifiers
  • BPA Free, Made from Tritan
  • Works well with the Convertube hose adapter and the eoGEAR 0.8 Bottle Pouch

Richard’s Recommendation

This is my favorite around town and in the car “water only” bottle. The positive pop-up and down action of the lid is easier to use than the “cheapy” bike bottles found everywhere. 


Fits in bike bottle cages.

OTG = On The Go
Verified empty weight: 120g (4.13 oz.)
Verified capacity: 750 ml (24 oz.)
eoGEAR SKU # 4046-N08

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