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Delta X-Mount Pro (smartphone holder)
Delta X-Mount Pro (smartphone holder)

Delta X-Mount Pro (smartphone holder)

Bicycle Mount for Phones
  • Aluminum and composite construction securely holds any smartphone with any case for minimalist profile
  • Unique patent pending design with proprietary stretch material grips your phone
  • Easy mounting under any standard 1-1/8" stem. Will not work with “old school” 1" quiver stems.
  • Tighten to stem cap 6NM torque.
  • Caution: We recommend applying some Loctite to the single allen screw that holds the plate to the bracket, to secure it better. 
  • Primarily for road use. Mountain biking might be too rough for this mount.
  • Not for use on stems with more than 30-degree rise.
  • Delta part number HL6800