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Side mesh pocket is a good place to stow quickly-needed items. (Please note that the accessories like a stuff sack now attach to the rear, not top of the bag).
Asymmetrical zipper — opens down low on non-side pocket side.
Key lanyard is hidden inside the zippered pocket.  (Please note that the accessories like a stuff sack now attach to the rear, not top of the bag).
Optional stuff sack now fits on the back, not top as shown; i.e. either/or stuff sack or Piggy-back Pocket attach to the back.
Peregrine (2 L stuff sack)
The stuff sack now attaches to the rear of the bag. When doing so, slip the compression strap OVER it to obtain more stability.
The Equinox Horizontal Pocket will fit under your saddle (9.0 shown, but 4.8 is similar), attached to the two side D-rings. The D-rings are only found on newer 4.8s, but we can include them as a field upgrade upon request. This is a good place for glasses or an extra tube.
Bag attaches quickly with a SKS adapter around the post & two Velcro saddle straps on top. (Please note that the D-rings have now been moved to the back of the bag by the label).

eoGEAR Zippered SeatBag™ 4.8


This bag is an evolution of our popular 2.3 SeatBag. We took the 2.3 and made it taller and thicker, providing over twice the capacity. This is a new in-between size bag — not as large as full-size RandoBags, but yet, much larger than your typical wedge bag. 
The bag attaches in two places to your bike: one, to any round seat post up to 35mm in diameter with an integral clamp (made by SKS/Germany) and two, using a pair of Velcro-like straps to the rails of your saddle. It is very quick to attach and detach.

FEATURES—This bag has one main compartment and two outside pockets. This bag has a built-in clamp for use on round seat posts (made by SKS Germany). It will not attach to oval posts. This bag is similar to an internal frame backpack as it has a built-in HDPE framesheet and has a compression strap, for reducing the size of the bag when contents are removed. This strap also keeps the bag from swaying when it is loaded down. Although the bag is designed to work only only on round seatposts, we have an informal foam adapter for use on aero post. E-mail Richard for details.

MAIN COMPARTMENT—Holds a small jacket, arm warmers, spare tire, repair kit and snacks. It has an easy-to-use horseshoe-shaped zipper that is water-repellent (it is chemically treated).

OUTSIDE POCKETS—The outside zippered pocket is a good spot to store cash and I.D. It will hold the optional vinyl wallet (# 4915) or a brevet card. Also included is a lanyard for your keys. It has a pair of pleats in the fabric to accommodate bulkier items without interfering with the volume of the main compartment. On the right side is a mesh pocket with an elastic top.

CONSTRUCTION—The exterior of the bag is constructed of rugged 400-denier Nylon Pack cloth or 420-denier Ripstop Nylon fabric (with a water-repellent coating on the inside of the fabric; we don't use cheap polyester fabrics like some imported bags). The main compartment has heavy-duty #8 water-repellent zipper. The outside of the bag has reflective strips for use in dim light or night riding. On the back of the bag, near the label is a pair of D-rings (unlike the photos), for attaching extra gear like a stuff sack for a rain jacket etc.

1) The back (label-side) of the bag has four attachment points for attaching the eoGEAR Piggy-back Pocket 2.5. This will enable you to carry another 2.5 liters of gear. (But it will hang out a little more, so you will have less clearance above your rear tire.)

2) Alternatively, an Equinox Horizontal Pack Pocket can be attached on the front side of the bag yielding about a liter of storage space: ideal for crushable items like a pair of glasses, an extra tube or a very lightweight vest. Ideally this pouch will attach to the side D-rings. Older models of the 4.8 do not have this feature, but it can be added in the field as a free upgrade (please ask).

COLORS—Currently available only in black and dark gray as shown, but other colors may be available by special order (inquire via e-mail).  

Bike Frame Compatibility

The Integral Seatpost Adapter attaches to any round post up to about 35mm in diameter. It will not to attach to an oval seatpost. The straps attach to any typical saddle including wide rail suspended leather saddles like Brooks or Rivet.

This bag requires at least 17cm (6.75") clearance from the rails of your saddle to the top of your rear tire or fender. For further information on this including a photo, visit this page. Frames smaller than 56cm may not work with this bag may rub on your rear wheel. (During the summer and fall of 2018 we slimmed down the bottom of this bag, matching the curve of our RollTop 9.0 bag, to provide a tiny bit better tire clearance; we then extended the height to maintain the volume.)

Installation Tip

When attaching the bag to your bag, first attach the clamp/strap to the seatpost. Be sure that this clamp has LOT of tension on it; it should snap shut with an audible click. The majority of the bag weight should be on the seatpost clamp and NOT on the Velcro seat rail straps. The clamp is made from looks like plastic and has a rubber lining, so it can’t damage carbon-fiber posts. I have used it on three of my road bikes, all of which have carbon-fiber post for several years problem.​ See this page for more details or our How To page to download the PDF instruction sheet which ships with new products.


Weight (with integral SKS seatpost adapter): 338 g (12.0 oz.)
Volume: 4.8 liters (292 cu in) including the outside pocket
Dimensions (HxWxD): 23 x 16.5 x 13 cm (9 x 6.5 x 5.1")
eoGEAR SKU # 3048-GIA

Designed & Crafted in USA

made in usa