Demo Saddle Program
Demo Saddle Program
Demo Saddle Program
Demo Saddle Program
Demo Saddle Program
Demo Saddle Program
Demo Saddle Program
Demo Saddle Program
Demo Saddle Program

Demo Saddle Program


The best way to test a saddle is to simply try one out for several consecutive rides. We offer several models for you to demo. We recommend that as you try a demo saddle, increase your distance with each ride, ending with a century ride or longer, before making a final determination.

2020 Update: We are phasing out this demo program and have been selling off (on eBay) most of our saddles, consequently, the selection is now very limited.

  • We suggest you e-mail us first to determine availability (
  • Visit this page on the owner’s (Richard) blog for details on how to measure your sit bones.
  • For further information on a comparison of many of these saddles, check out Richard’s blog entitled “Saddle Quest — Search for the Holy Grail.“
  • All demo saddles are black unless noted.
  • The weights of all saddles are posted on the respective pages, where these saddles are sold on our site.
  • GB = Gilles Berthoud. The wide or touring GBs are 156-160mm wide and the narrow, or so-called racing models, are 150-152mm wide.
  • Rivet = Rivet Cycle Works. Several of the demo saddles are white. The Diablo is 155mm wide, the Indy (Independence) is 160mm wide, and the Pearl is 170mm wide.
  • We like the Brooks Team Pro, instead of the popular wider B-17, as it is similar in width to the GB Touring saddle (160mm) and seems to be the best all-around width for long distance roadies. The demo model we have has chromoly rails.
  • Our Brooks C15 Cambium has been sanded and lacquered, in an effort to smooth out the canvas-like texture.
  • The Brooks C17 Cambium AW is their new All Weather version and the surface is much smoother than the original Cambiums.
  • The SQlab saddle is the “611 Active Race” model. This version has 140mm of usable width or 145mm actual. It sometimes called the “short” model as it is their shorter 611 Active model for road use, whereas the 611 Active MTB model is slightly longer overall.
    This is a new addition to our demo program (Oct 2013) and is a terrific saddle for those suffering with soft tissue pain. It has a moderately recessed area in the center and is a very flat saddle, placing the majority of the weight on the sit bones. This design hails from Germany, from the same folks that represent the Syntace line of aerobars.

Included Extras (be sure to return)

> Gilles Berthoud, Brooks Team Pro & Rivet saddles come with a container of mink oil and instructions for use (using this is optional).
> Rivet Independence w/slot and Pearl saddles also come with a new eoGEAR Nose Cover strap.
> The Fizik Kurve Bull includes an extra “tuner set.”
> The Selle Anatomica Titanico is equivalent to the 2014 “X” and comes with an eoGEAR compression strap set.
> SQlab 611 includes three tuners (one inside the saddle and two extras).


  • If you pay with a credit card though our site, you will be charged the full value ($175) for each saddle ordered and the extra will be refunded upon return of the saddles.
  • If you pay through PayPal, you will be billed the $30 or $45 and we can charge the additional amount later if you don't return the saddles.
  • The cost is $30 to demo one saddle or $45 for two saddles which includes shipping expenses both ways, which is the majority of the cost. Please do not combine other products from our website with your saddle demo order.
  • The duration is for two weeks — that is two weeks in your possession, not including shipping time.
  • We will ship the saddle(s) via UPS or USPS (our pick).
  • Included in the package will be a prepaid USPS label. Upon completion of your demo, carefully secure the box and drop it off at any US Post Office.
  • If you fail to return the saddle the following terms apply: for each week the saddle is late we will charge your card $20.00 per week. After a month, it is yours, and you will be charged the retail replacement cost of per saddle.
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