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eoGEAR Compression Strap Set for Selle An-Atomica Saddle
eoGEAR Compression Strap Set for Selle An-Atomica Saddle
The “over the top” strap squeezes the sides of the leather, making its shape more like a conventional shaped saddle.
The strap on the left keeps the other strap from sliding down towards the nose of the saddle. Insert this (left) strap between the metal frame and the leather of the saddle with a flat screwdriver.
Side view of the straps.
The set now has one strap with a D-ring and one with a rectangular loop as shown.

eoGEAR Compression Strap Set for Selle An-Atomica Saddle


  • Compression strap set for use to prevent the “edge flaring” on Selle An-Atomica saddles.
  • Prevents chafing of the inside of the legs.
  • Two straps: one very thin strap for the top of the saddle and another “rear” strap which prevents the “top” strap from sliding down towards the nose of the saddle. See photo descriptions for more details on how to install it.
  • Both straps attach using Velcro-like material
  • Free when saddle is purchased from us
  • It appears this is not an isolated problem as this rider also had similar issues with this saddle and solved it by adding leather lacing to the under side.

Why This Strap?

I DNFed (did not finish) my first attempted 1200km (750 miles in 4 days) randonnée in 2008 due to saddle sore issues. Two months later, after switching to this saddle, I finished a 1200k (Colo. Last Chance, 750 miles in 3+ days) with zero saddle problems. Prior to completing this 1200, I did find that the SAA saddle created some small amount of chafing on the insides of my legs. This was caused when the saddle was tightened and edges of the saddle flare out. I made a small strap and attached it to the saddle (see Compression Strap photo) which immediately eliminated this problem. Although this technique is not Selle-approved, it works for me. This strap is available free (upon request) with the purchase of a saddle from us.

Of interest are Rivet saddles, which are a successor to the SAA. They have wisely riveted the underneath sides of the their saddles to eliminate this problem.


Constructed of 20mm (3/4") nylon Omni-Tape or generic equivalent, which is a Velcro-like material, and nylon seam tape (the nylon part that goes over the top of the saddle is only .40mm thick, or about the same thickness as two layers of electrical tape).

Straps now feature D-rings instead of rectangular loops as shown in some of the photos.

eoGEAR SKU # 6530-K02

Custom-made in the U.S. by eoGEAR

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