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Penquin brand Mink Oil

Penquin brand Mink Oil


  • Mink oil polishes and protects all smooth leather keeps leather soft and supple.
  • The natural mink oil adds water repellency.

Saddle Care

Gilles Berthoud says “Please, NEVER use oil for a pre-soft saddle,” yet I, and other cyclists have found the only way to break in a Brooks or Gilles Berthoud saddle is to use large amounts of mink oil during the initial break-in period (see the Lon Haldeman / PACTour blog for further details).


Net Weight: 128 ml (4.5 oz.)
Made in USA
This brand doesn’t list the ingredients, but mink oil is typically a blend of mink oil, silicone and lanolin (from sheep).
eoGEAR SKU # 6543-000

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