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This kit now includes this bottle with a special X-long tube.
eoGEAR SUP Deluxe Hydration Belt
eoGEAR SUP Deluxe Hydration Belt
eoGEAR SUP Deluxe Hydration Belt
Kit now includes CAMP bottle & tube (not the Source bottle/hose shown)


eoGEAR SUP Deluxe Hydration Belt


  • eoGEAR Bottle Pouch 0.8 / Black (# 2508-008)
  • eoGEAR Minimalist Waist Belt / Gray + Black (# 2583-G04)
  • C.A.M.P. bottle (.75 L) with special X-tra long hose (90cm / 36")
  • Generic Hose Clip (# 4134-S00)

Additional Details for Pouch

  • Waist belt with insulated bottle pouch attached. Ideal for lean-and-mean races.
  • Pouch has 10mm closed cell foam insulation on the side panels to retain cold temperature
  • Pouch is constructed of tough urethane coated (waterproof) denier Ripstop Nylon fabric & 400-denier Nylon Pack Cloth fabric.
  • Pouch fits standard “bike bottles” that are approx. 700-800 ml (22-24 oz.) in size (too small for 1-liter Nalgene wide mouth bottles)
  • Pouch has sewn-in hand-grab loop—the strap can be minimized by attaching to Velcro loop on the inside surface of the pouch (see photo).
  • Pouch uses the eoGEAR Dual Tab System (DTS)  for attaching to eoHYDRATION components to each other, especially the Chest Pouch 1.4D (SKU # 2514).
  • Bottle is BPA free.
  • Bottle secures with Velcro strap over the top.
  • Fits onto a belt up to 50mm wide (2")


eoGEAR SKU # 2508-DLX
Bottle imported whereas others are made in the USA

made in usa