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Q-Tubes Road Inner Tube, Presta (700c x 23-25mm)

Q-Tubes Road Inner Tube, Presta (700c x 23-25mm)


This is the our standard tube for road bikes. It is sold under the name Q-Tubes, a private label of QBP, a U.S. cycling distributor. The tubes are actually made by Kenda, a well established name in the cycling world. We prefer the 23–25mm width as the tube doesn’t get stretched out quite as much as with the 20–23mm variety, making it less prone to puncturing. We offer it at a competitive price, so you can toss after each use, rather than patch them, should you choose to do so.

  • Regular-weight tube
  • Standard 48mm threaded Presta (French) valve fits some deep aero-rims & regular rims alike
  • Butyl seamless
  • Removable valve core
  • Save with multi-packs, 4 or more only $4.95 each

    Specifications (verified)

    Weight, with nut & cap: 102 g (3.6 oz.)
    Wall thickness (manuf. provided): 0.9 mm
    Also fits 27 x 7/8" thru 27 x 1-1/8" tires
    ISO Diameter: 622 / Road / 29"
    eoGEAR SKU # 6335

    Made in Taiwan
    Manufacturer’s Website