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Rivet Cycle Works Independence Saddle

Rivet Cycle Works Independence Saddle


One of the most comfortable tensioned leather saddles made. A vast improvement over the Selle An-Atomica series.

  • The saddle is made from tanned leather sourced from U.S. cattle. It is pre-softened and waterproof (It is softer than a Gilles Berthoud & Brooks but is a little firmer than a Selle An-Atomica). A secondary thin layer of leather is laminated to the underside for additional strength.
  • Factory water-resistant coating on colored models (Chestnut and auNaturale saddles are not water-resist, so they need water proofing. Obenaufs, proof hide or anything that is not petroleum based will work. Smear it on and add extra to the raw edges.)
  • Rear crescent on this model is made with lightweight composite material (similar to Polycarbonate)
  • Choice of rails: less expensive chromoly or the lighter titanium
  • Loops for saddle bag
  • The leather side flaps are tied together with a small plate and are riveted in place, making it unnecessary to “lace“ your saddle as is the practice with some Brooks and SAA models
  • View this excellent sizing guide on the Rivet site. (The Rivet recommendation is to pick a saddle that is 2cm wider than your sit bones, but personally find that to be too narrow. I have found 3 to 4cm to work better for me.)
  • We offer a 90-day money back policy on this saddle (no restocking fee, but no refund on shipping...and, yes kindly return the freebie rain cover).
  • No special tool is required for adjusting the tension, just a 4mm Allen key, which is included (turn counter-clockwise to tighten, when viewed from the front)

Richard’s Recommendation

The Rivet models are similar to the Selle-Anatomica but Rivet has solved two problems which SAA saddles have always had. They are:
1. The Rivets side flaps are tied together which prevents chafing on the inside of the legs due to the flaring of the saddles edges when it is tightened
2. The leather panel on the rear crescent wraps well below the top edge, this preventing irritation to your butt cheeks 


Chromoly rails weight (claimed, varies per saddle): 485 g (17.1 oz.) (Our first sample weighed 472 g)
Titanium rails weight (claimed, varies per saddle): 360 g (12.7 oz.) (Our first sample weighed 386 g)

Dimensions (claimed): Width, 160mm. Length: 270mm. We measured the O.D. of the leather at 163mm wide.

eoGEAR SKU # 6544-KTI

Made in Taiwan

Manufacturer’s Website