NEW!! SafariSack 7.3...our largest bean bag for photographers. In stock now.
H250 + H160 in suspender mode (H344 is similar but less padded) attached to a B107 waist belt. Note how the system uses a 3-point attachment system. Also attached, in the center making a large “O”, is the H152 strap, for stabilizing your camera.
We are transitioning to our new Kinesis Label. Products may have this new round label.
H160 Harness/Suspender, Back

H160 — Harness/Suspender, Back

Converts a "front" harness (H255) into a pair of suspenders.

Woven elastic & nylon w/ slot for H152 strap
Not required with H344 as it is already included.

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa