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3-Point Suspender Adapter for H717

H163 — 3-Point Suspender Adapter for H717

Enables your H717 X-Harness to do double-duty as a pair of suspenders.

Convert your H717 into a 3-point suspender system. Attaches to any Kinesis padded belt made since about 2003. If you plan to carry a camera or holster case in front on your chest with the harness, then we recommend the 3-point suspender option, rather than the H167 4-point suspenders.
  • If you only need something to hold your belt up, then choose the H344 Y-Harness. If you want to carry a camera on your chest and also want suspenders, then choose the H717 + this adapter.
  • If you want a super heavy-duty 4-point suspender solution, then choose the H717 + H167, but carrying a heavy camera in front is problematic with this configuration.
  • Includes two straps (shown on the sides of the photo) for the front of the harness and the stretchy H160 for the back.
Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa