Straps included in H175, along with the H344 harness front.
Showing height adjustment on Harness, straps attach through metal slider and clip to side D-rings on Holster case.
This photo shows the H344, but we have replaced the harness with the H700.
Snap hooks from the harness attach to the lower D-rings on holster case. Be sure to attach the upper (shoulder area) harness straps to the side D-rings of the holster, not those on the back.
Front of the H700
Back of the H700
This package includes three straps and the front half of the H344 harness.

H175 — Holster to Backpack Adapter Kit

Turn your harness into a mini backpack by attaching a holster case to your back.

Wear a holster case (or nearly any case that has a pair of D-rings) on your back as a lightweight pack. 

It is made to order, so please allow extra time for delivery.

  • This kit includes:
    - The H700 V-Harness
    - The H170 Strap Kit: composed of 1) a pair of straps which attach to the top of the H700 and drop down your back. These clips to the side D-rings of the holster case. 2) An “around the torso” strap that clips to the lower D-rings of the holster case.
  • Does not include a waistbelt, which is not required for use.
  • This is an experimental product and works best with taller holster cases like the C600, old C750 or C850. Shorter holster cases like the C380, C382, C500 or C540 do not work as well as they are short and consequently the straps that attach to them may pinch your armpit.
  • If you already have a backpack harness like the H344, H700, H245 or H255 then you only need to order the H170 strap set instead.
Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa