Front View
Attached to B107 Belt
Bottom view showing loops for attaching gear on the bottom using Y301 or Y204 straps
Back view showing KATS or Velcro tabs
Bag with V034 divider kit insert attached to an optional Kinesis belt
Several slip pockets inside the main outside pocket.
Old style A355 shown with Y204 straps securing a towel or apparel. A634 is similar.
Y309 strap pair shown snugging down the edges of a holster case. It works the same with the A634.
Optional V055 divider has a strong V-style Velcro attachment.
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Front View
Shown with V034 divider kit
Shown with V034 divider kit

A634 — Reporter’s Waist Pack

An unpadded pouch with numerous pockets and slots for cell phone, sunglasses, business cards, coins, video tapes, checkbook, passport, airline ticket etc. When using the optional divider kit it will hold camera equipment too.

  • Holds an iPad Mini or a analog Reporter’s Notebook. 
  • On the bottom of the pouch are several pairs of Uniloops which a Y204 strap(s) can be attached so you may secure extra gear like an umbrella or a GoreTex® jacket. 
  • A shoulder strap is not included, but the Y315 is recommended as a companion to this product. 
  • While this pouch was originally designed for non-optical items, we had several requests from shooters to use this pouch for stowing lenses and bodies, consequently we designed an optional padded divider kit (# V034) which includes a 10mm foam insert that covers the bottom and ends. It Velcro’s in and out. Also included are three padded dividers, which are moveable and removeable. The front and back of the A634 pouch are lighted padded with 3mm thick fabric (similar to some classic Domke bags), but this does not offer the same protection as the Kinesis M330 or M550 multi-lens pouches.
  • The base model does not include interior dividers or a waist belt.
  • The main zipper compartment uses a water-repellent zipper.
  • Fits on any Kinesis waistbelt or your own pants belt. No adapters are required.
  • To attach a monopod, consider a pair of Y301 Velcro-straps.
  • If you want more stability while being worn on a Kinesis belt, consider the Y306 Compression Strap or the Y208 Quick-release Strap would work. The latter has an inline quick-release buckle so you can quickly release the tension and then rebuckle to tighten it.

Please note that this product is reasonably large and may not be suitable for people with a smaller build. (The overall width was designed around the iconic Reporter’s Notebook and the height is determined by the height of a common US checkbook or a pair of sunglasses sitting vertically in the outside soft pocket.) 

Check out this 2021 review on Shutterbug.


KATS space occupied on a Kinesis belt: 2.5 modules or 200mm center to center.

Included dividers: two V055 Small Divider & one V025 Trap Door Divider (for stacking lenses or teleconverters).

7.5h x 11.75w x 4d" I.D.
Volume = 385 cu in
Weight = 10.5 oz 

19h x 30w x 10d cm I.D.
Volume = 6.3 lit
Weight = 298 g

If you want a nice analog planner that fits perfectly in this bag, consider the Quo Vadis Space 24 (one week per spread) or the Moleskin Monthly Notebook (month per spread + tons of extra blank pages for notes etc.).

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa