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B501 attaches to one or both ends of a belt, securing the webbing from slipping.
B501 — Metal Slider for Belt (replacement, pair)

B501 — Metal Slider for Belt (replacement, pair)

This buckle keeps the length of a waistbelt fixed.

The 50mm (2") webbing used on our belts is made backpack weight nylon and provides easy, quick adjustments (either loosen or tighten) while the belt is worn and with weight on the belt. This buckle is designed to work while under tension, so when the belt is removed from the body the buckle frequently will slip out of adjustment. Some people find that slightly annoying. We provide a pair of sliders that can be field adapted on one or both ends of the belt, so your adjustment is made semi-permanent.

Click on this “How To” page for instructions on how to attach a B501 to a belt.