F162 – Medium Utility Pouch attached to Light Stand
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F162 – Medium Utility Pouch
F162 – Medium Utility Pouch
F162 – Medium Utility Pouch

F162 — Medium Utility Pouch

For rechargeable external battery packs like Quantum Turbo etc. Also fits both a Better beamer & shoe-mount flash units.
  • Lightly padded bottom, sides and back (4mm open cell foam). Stiffer padding in front (6mm closed cell foam). Designed with a dark slide slot for Polaroid backs but can now be used for other flat accessories. 
  • For medium format Polaroid® backs (#100) for Hasselblad, Mamiya etc. Also fits Quantum Turbo, Lumedyne Cyclers, Metz P40 & P50 and Sunpak 120J batteries or most digital “pistol style” spot meters.
  • Note: Metz 60 CT battery will also fit (laying sideways) in the A200 pouch.

Field Report

Main compartment: Canon Speedlite 550EX, Canon Off-Camera Shoe Cord 2 (that's version 2, not two of them) & Better Beamer (the two side supports, the fresnel lens, and elastic band). In the pocket: Pack of four AA batteries & stand that comes with Speedlite. The Better Beamer side supports are 0.75 inches taller than the new style F162 but the top still closes with about 0.5 inches overlap on the velcro closure. (Oct 2008). 


Single-wide allotment on belt. Uses the old Kinesis TwinBuckle belt attachment.

Volume = 98 cu in
Weight = 3.4 oz

18hx11.5wx8d cm
Volume = 1.6 lit
Weight = 96 g

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa