Specs for elete tablytes, liquid add-in and the original Hammer E-caps.
elete Tablytes (bottle of tablets)
elete Tablytes (bottle of tablets)
elete Tablytes (bottle of tablets)

elete Tablytes (bottle of tablets)


  • Complete, balanced electrolyte tablets containing ELETE
  • Not a beverage add-in
  • Take a days worth of tablets in a vial from the eoGEAR Personal Storage Kit
  • The most concentrated, comprehensive balanced electrolyte product available
  • Offers the convenience of quick, concentrated dosing of a “swallow-whole” tablet
  • The best value in a comprehensive electrolyte tablet
  • One tablet contains the following “four key electrolyte” ingredients: 350 mg Chloride & 150 mg Sodium (i.e. salt), 30 mg Magnesium and 95 mg Potassium. Additional ingredients: 40 mg Calcium (calcium is not found in liquid elete), 10 mg Phosphorus & 20 mg Sulfate.

Richard’s Recommendation

These tablets are more “dense” than Hammer E-Caps and provide about twice the nutrition, so if you currently take two E-Caps per hour (a common dosage), then one elete tablet per hour should suffice. Another good feature of this product is that the tablets are a solid product and unlike capsules, will not self-destruct while being carried during a long ultra runs.


Size: 90 tablets

eoGEAR SKU # 5118-000

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