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Kinesis Battery Organizers / Misc Storage Bags

Kinesis Battery Organizers / Misc Storage Bags

Battery organizer keep your new and used batteries separated.

Keeping new and used batteries has always been a pain. In an effort to solve this problem while camping, I originally made this pouch for my mountaineering headlamp batteries — of course it works just the same for photography batteries. It has one zipper and a divided compartment. It has pack cloth on the back and see-thru mesh on the front. Also works great for keeping unexposed and exposed film (or CF cards) separate. Folds in half for compact storage.

Note on storage of batteries: I have heard that storing batteries with the terminals exposed may be a fire hazard, although I have ALWAYS kept my AAs loose like this and never had a problem. I keep more expensive batteries, like those used by my digital cameras, with their covers on however.


F021 Holds up to 8 AAs per side.
4.75h x 6.75w" (12h x 17w cm)
Weight = .6 oz (17 g)

Holds up to 16 AAs per side.
6.75h x 8.5w" (17h x 22w cm)
Weight = .8 oz. (23 g)

Holds up to 32 AAs per side.
8.75h x 11.75w" (22h x 30w cm)
Weight = 1.3 oz (37 g)

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