H170 — Holster to Backpack Strap Set
How to feed the top strap through the sliders.
Straps included in H170 — attach to a Kinesis harness, not included.

H170 — Holster to Backpack Strap Set

Turn your harness into a mini backpack by attaching a holster case to your back.

Attach a holster case (or nearly any case that has a pair of D-rings) to the rear of a H255 Backpack Harness, H700 V-Harness, H344 Y-Harness or a H717 X-Harness. We recommend the H700 harness as it is not as bulky or padded as the H255, which is a bit overkill for the weight of this bag. If you do not already have a Kinesis harness, order the H175 that includes the front portion of the H344 harness.

It is made to order, allow extra time for delivery.
  • Included are three straps: two to attach to the harness that clips to the side d-rings of a holster case and then an “around the torso” strap that clips to the lower D-rings of the holster case.
  • A waist belt is not required.
Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa