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The package includes these straps PLUS the front half of the H344 harness.
H344 with waistbelt (belt NOT needed)
Shown is a model with a H255 harness wearing a holster case. The H344 looks similar but is slightly less padded. A waistbelt is NOT needed.

H175 — Holster to Backpack Adapter Set (Special Order)

Turn your harness into a mini backpack by attaching a holster case to your back.

Wear a holster case (or nearly any case that has a pair of D-rings) on your back as a lightweight pack.

  • This kit includes:
    - The front half of the H344 Y-Harness
    - The H170 which is: 1) a Y “pig tail” which attaches to the back of the H344. This clips to the side D-rings of the holster case. 2) An “around the torso” strap that clips to the lower D-rings of the holster case.
  • This is a rather experimental product and works best with taller holsters (C600, C750 or the new yet-to-come [2017] jumbo C850).
  • It is made to order, allow extra time for delivery.
  • If you already have a backpack harness like the H344 or H255 then order the H170 package instead.
Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa