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PMP Chainring (33 x 110mm)

PMP Chainring (33 x 110mm)


  • Replace the small chainring on your 10-speed compact double to obtain lower gearing
  • Fits onto standard Shimano or SRAM 110mm, 5-bolt compact, 10-speed cranks
  • Highly polished aluminum
  • A RARE size!
  • May require 1mm spacers (my 2009 FSA Team Issue carbon crank or my custom Zinn crank did not)
  • Imported directly from Italy for your use 

Special Shimano “SC Package”

Combine this chainring with the new Shimano Ultegra 12/30 cassette (CS-6700) & matching derailleur (RD-6700A, both released in 2012) for functional, yet conventional low gearing — without replacing your entire crank. I call this our SC or “Senior Citizen” gearing package.

Richard’s Recommendation

I have used this chainring for several seasons now. It is found on both of my road bikes (coupled with a standard 50-tooth large chainring). I’m holding out as long as can until I convert to triple crank! When I first made the switch, I tested it on a local hill climb (2800 ft in 8 miles) and noticed right away that my cadence increased 10 RPM (at 7.5 MPH, it increased from 65 to 75, to 75 to 85 RPM). My knees and aerobic system appreciate that. On long multi-hour, self-supported rides, where one is typically caring more gear weight, having the OPTION to go to lower gear is of great value.


Verified weight: 33g (1.2 oz.)
eoGEAR SKU # 6620-033

Made in Italy
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