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Rainlegs™ / Black
Rainlegs™ / Black
Rainlegs™ / Black
Rainlegs™ / Black


Rainlegs™ / Black


  • Protect the upper legs against rain, wind and the cold.
  • Stocked only in black, but other colors available by special order (gray, white or yellow, allow 60–90 days)
  • Manufactured from wind- and waterproof (5000 mbar) parachute material and factory seam-sealed for a water-right
  • The leg protectors are open on the back of the legs, so that no condensation can take place and clothes will stay dry.
  • Exhaustive tests to ascertain this have been carried out by bike couriers and by independent organizations.
  • Many participants in outdoor sporting events like cyclists, runners, rowers, skaters, riders and Nordic walkers have expressed their satisfaction with this great product.
  • Rainlegs are light weight and portable. You wear them in a small bundle around your waist. When it starts raining, you simply roll Rainlegs™ down and secure them with two clips and Velcro fasteners.
  • Reflective patch near the knee
  • They are a very lightweight product, and consequently may not be suitable for daily commuter use.

Richard’s Recommendation

I own several traditional full-length waterproof/breathable rain pants. They weigh between 340 and 432 grams (12 to 15 oz.) which is over twice the weight of Rainlegs. Traditional rain pants cannot be quickly worn without retrieving them from your backpack or saddlebag, whereas Rainlegs can be worn on your waist throughout the day. As a general rule, Rainlegs work for me down to temperatures, down to about 45F, assuming my legs are completely covered and more extremities are kept warm also. 


Rainlegs waist band will fit up to about 42".

X-Small (special order only): Under 155 cm (5'1'')
Small: 155 - 165 cm (5'1'' - 5'5'')
Medium: 165 - 175 cm (5'5'' - 5'9')
Large: 175 - 185 cm (5'9'' - 6'1'')
X-Large: Over 185 cm (6'1')

Verified weights:
Medium 139 g (4.9 oz.)
Large 150 g (5.3 oz.)
X-Large 153 g (5.4 oz.)
eoGEAR SKU # 4522

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