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Shimano A600 SPD Road Touring Pedal

Shimano A600 SPD Road Touring Pedal


  • Suitable design for road bike
  • Recessed single-sided SPD (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) system for efficient cycling
  • Perimeter platform for extra support
  • Low maintenance sealed cartridge axle unit
  • Cro-moly spindle
  • Adjustable cleat tension
  • Includes pair of cleats which use the 2-bolt MTB system (will not work with 3-hole road shoes unless they also have the 2-hole set too)
  • Sold as a pair
  • Although the Shimano website doesn’t mention it, this pedal appears to have more offset (distance from the crank arm) compared to the A520 model
  • Lighter in weight compared to Shimano Ultegra road (racing) pedals

Richard’s Recommendation

When I was first introduced to this pedal (the less expensive A520 model actually), I thought, what a goofy, heavy pedal. Little did I know that was the same weight as my Shimano Ultegra road pedals AND...I could use my comfortable mountain shoes & clips—nice for getting in and out of convenience stores & controls in brevets.
Unlike bicycle racing, when doing brevets, I found myself off the bike from time to time and in rural areas on the shoulder of the road, away from the pavement—sometimes even in a snowpacked unpaved parking lot! My Shimano Ultegra road pedals frequently got specs of dirt or snow in them, causing them to jam up. This pedal functions like a MTB pedal and rarely (if ever) jams up. I have used my original pair for over 20,000 miles without any issues. Every year or so I have my local bike mechanic disassemble them and re-lube them, just like the periodic maintenance required on a wheel or bottom bracket.


Manufacturer Shimano Part No: PD-A600
Weight: 286 g a pair
Float: Approx. 6–8 degrees
Replacement Cleats: SM-SH51 Single Release (standard, included) or the SM-SH56 (optional cleat with multiple release angles, releases when you lift up hard)

eoGEAR SKU # 6622-600