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Not shown is the water bottle pouch that attaches to the rear.
eoGEAR Deluxe SUP Hydration Belt Kit
Components as shown, except the Y-Harness replaces the waist belt.
We suggest you tuck in the hand-grab loop when attached to a belt.
Pouch, bottle & Source Convertube
Detail showing where the bottle attaches.
Detail of chest module
eoGEAR Deluxe SUP Hydration Belt Kit
eoGEAR Deluxe SUP Hydration Belt Kit

eoGEAR Deluxe SUP Hydration Belt Kit


This package Includes:

  • 2514 Chest Module (w/ 25mm [1"] over the shoulder webbing sling). The module has two-part zippered pocket with snap hook lanyard (to hold car keys).
  • 2581 Y-Harness with a built-in waist belt (fits up to approx. 40" waist)
  • Insulated bottle 700 mL pouch (2508, bike bottle size) attaches to the lower back of Y-Harness waist belt.
  • The Source Convertube hose and lid kit (# 4050-000)
  • Nalgene OTG or ATB 700ml water bottle
  • A hose clip
  • Value for total package if purchased individually: $100.90

eoGEAR SKU # 2508-KIT

    made in usa