Threading diagram. Note that the concave bar on slider #1 should face towards the webbing. The loose end of the webbing can be tucked into slider #2.
Attaches to the H436 on the H717 Harness
H435 (sold as a pair)

H435 — Kinesis Camera Adapters

Standard Kinesis female camera connection buckles.

  • Pair, 2 female buckle ends.
  • Standard Kinesis female camera connection buckle (20mm / 3/4") ending in 10mm web.
  • A pair is included with H675 neck strap.
  • Purchase one pair for each camera body.
  • Mates with male buckles found on: H432, H436 & H717 X Harness, newer H245/H255 harnesses (>2003) & the Y303 Pouch to Generic Pack Adapter
  • Adjusts from 5cm to 26cm (2" to 10-1/4").
  • May not fit some point-n-shoot cameras which have 6mm wide (1/4") lugs (purchase H431 to convert).
Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa