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Kinesis “How-To” or Product Instructions

This is the place to find PDF instructional sheets
and video links for Kinesis products. 

(The eoGEAR How-to Page is here.)

This page is primarily for those with post-purchase product questions.

How To Attach a Pouch to a Belt or how to piggy-back a smaller pouch to a larger case — using either KATS or the “Twin Buckle” method.

Need to know how to attach a Y204 or Y205 Quick-release strap to a case or belt — see step two of the Twin Buckle instructions above. 


Slider/Webbing Adjustment — for shoulder straps & waist belts
The slider (also called a Tri-glides, Sliploks, 3-bar slider or butterfly buckle) is a simple buckle that provides a wide and secure adjustment of webbing on shoulder straps & other straps.

Miscellaneous Buckles & Zippers
Zipper repair, Camlock, SlikClip & Spring Snaphook buckles.

Harness & Backpacks

The “Sheets” are 8-1/2 x 11" PDFs

Long Lens Case Instruction Sheet
(L-series or L311, L321, L511, L521, L611 or L622)

H255 Backpack Harness & Belt Instruction Sheet (how to attach a backpack harness & belt to a long lens case, pack frame, backpack or tripod bag).

How to Adjust a Backpack or Harness (after getting it assembled...very helpful third party site)

H344 Suspender Instruction Sheet (how to configure a H245/H255/H344 as a pair of suspenders for use with a waist belt)

H700 V-Harness Instruction Sheet

H717 X-Harness Instruction Sheet

H717 X-Harness Features Video

H717 X-Harness Instructional Video

H150 Pouch to Harness Instructions (attaches to H245/H255/H344 or H717 harnesses)

H152 Camera Stabilizer Torso Strap Hang Tag Instructions

P017 & P019 Heavy-duty Pack Frame Instruction Sheet

H153 Harness Instructions (how to add the funky H153 kit to a H245/H255/H160 harness for use in carrying a case on your chest — see lower right corner of this sheet)

> Visiting the "Slider/Webbing Adjustment" link above may also help your understanding of how to attach a harness to a long lens case.
> Review enlarged photos of the following product pages
- H255 Harness
- H130 Adapter