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Belts & Suspenders


We offer three weights of waist belts:
B206 is an unpadded belt which is constructed from 50mm (2") nylon webbing.
B100-series or “Kinesis Black Belt,” is our standard weight and most popular version. They are made with 6mm (1/4") closed cell foam. The padded portion is 90mm (3-1/2") wide.
B300-series or “Heavy-duty Belt” is made from bi-laminate foam which is 20mm (3/4") thick and is 110mm wide (4-1/4").
    All belts include a pair of metal sliders (SKU B501) and a pair of attached plastic-looking strap keepers.

    Product Update

    Starting in the summer of 2022, we are changing our “Black Belt” design. We are removing the vertical rectangular “Uniloops” on them as they are no longer needed since we converted our pouches and holster from the TwinBuckle to KATS. Eventually, the B206 Unpadded Belt (as of Jan. 2024...done) and Heavy-duty Belts will also reflect this change.

    Above: old version with the vertical Uniloops sewn across the belt.

    Above: new version. All current pouches will fit on this belt w/o any adapter, except the E190 lens pouch (it will require a pair of free Siamese SlikClip adapters).

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