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Kinesis — Belt Fitting & Sizing

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general info on Kinesis belts.

The Heavy-duty belt (which is 4.25" / 11cm wide) is wider than the Kinesis standard-weight Black Belt (3.5" / 9cm wide), providing more support for the heavier loads. It is also over three times as thick as the Black Belts. Weight of B308 = 11 oz. (312 g)

Heavy-duty belts are made from bi-laminate foam for more comfort with heavy loads.
Special Note: Quality buckles are made from either Nylon or acetal (Delrin®). We use a Nylon/Acetal combination for our belts because at normal temperatures it is stronger & more impact resistant than 100% acetal. Nylon, however, may not be suitable for high humidity (white water rafting, kayaking or canoeing) or extreme subzero (-20ºF or less) temperatures. Special order belts with substitute acetal buckles are available at no additional cost.


Order the same size as your pants waistband. Kinesis belts are sized to fit over normal street-wear, including a regular pants belt.
Our description, for a large belt, says "Optimum fit for 34-38 waist, (fits up to 50")," which means that the padded portion of the belt will wrap around the majority of your waist if you are in the 34 to 38-inch range. Since we provide an extra webbing "tail" the belt will fit a larger waists — the padding just won't surround your waist. Also, this long tail enables the belts to be used effectively over winter apparel.
Always get the largest belt you can fit into, as it will provide you with more attachment points, however if you are borderline between two sizes, get the smaller size as the belts can go larger, but they cannot cinch Down much past the recommended size.

For women -- keep in mind the measurements are for your natural waist or narrow point above your hips. This is much higher than where most women wear their pants these days. If you plan to wear your Kinesis belt lower on your waist or hips, measure that area accordingly. (It may mean going up a size.)

Small, Optimum fit for 24-28" (61-73cm) waist. Fits up to 42" (107cm).
Medium, Optimum fit for 29-33" (74-86cm) waist. Fits up to 46" (117cm).
Large, Optimum fit for 34-38" (87-99cm) waist. Fits up to 50" (127cm).
X-Large, Optimum fit for 39-47" (100-122cm) waist. Fits up to 54" (137cm).
XX-Large, Optimum fit for 48-54" (123-137cm) waist. Fits up to 64" (162cm).

Belt Choices (Regular or Heavy-duty?)

• Belt Only Systems

90% of our customers purchase the the standard “black” belt for everyday use (B107, B108 etc. series). Most photojournalists carry their DSLR around their neck, while nature/traveling shooters like the option of a C-Series holster case to shove it away and protect it from the elements. If you carrying a full-size heavy body (i.e. Nikon D3-series or Canon EOS1d-series) plus fast and bulky 2.8 lenses (70-200/2.8) on your waist, then consider the heavier belt--it will provide more support. If you doing a multi-hour walking or hiking, the heavier belt will also be more comfortable and because of the extra padding it tends to stay up better or stick to your waist without suspenders. Of course the trade off is if you are in a hot and/or humid climate, then the heavier belt may prove to be uncomfortable (although the fabric is breathable, the thick bulky foam insulates). Please note that with a fully-loaded belt, the regular-weight “Black Belt” seems a little floppy when removed, but when worn on the waist it provides good support for most average loads, esp. when you consider that the pouches are padded too.

• Backpack Use

I personally prefer the “standard-weight” Black Belt for use with the Journeyman pack (up to about 25 lbs. / 11 kg) because much of the weight is distributed throughout the pack frame and shoulder harnesses. Whenever possible, I adhere to the “less is more” philosophy with gear. Be sure you order the B503 adapter with your Journeyman pack if you are using a regular Black Belt.
On the other hand, if you think you might purchase a Heavy-duty Pack Frame then purchase the Heavy-duty belt (B307, B308 etc. series) instead of the “standard” Black Belt. The heavy-duty model has special pockets for the aluminum staves of the P017 or P019 Heavy-duty Frames. The extra rigidity of the heavy-duty belt is needed for heavier loads typically carried on the pack frame.

Buckle in back or buckle in front?

The durable 50mm (two-inch) quick-release buckle is the same as found on mountaineering packs (i.e. Mountainsmith, Lowe Alpine, Gregory etc.) and is a "dual-adjust" model so the length can be adjusted from either right or left, keeping the buckle centered at all times. A Kinesis belt can be adjusted while it is worn in the fanny or belly position. See photo in the right-hand side bar.
When you first put the belt on, place the buckle in the front... and then I slide the belt around so the buckle is in the back. The pouches surround the front and sides of you body, making them more accessible. Wear longer pouches, such as the M550 Multi-lens pouch or the E340 lens pouch on the sides and shorter pouches in the center. This makes it easier to lean or bend over.
A few customers have requested that their Kinesis harness work with the belt buckle in both the front and the back positions. See pig tail accessory H156 for a custom solution to this problems.

Attaching Pouches to Belts Visit this link.

Note to pre-2000 Kinesis customers: All Kinesis Black Belts or Heavy-duty Belts shipped directly from us since 12 April 1999 feature a slight modification to accommodate a new harness system which was introduced in June of 1999. The modification is the addition of two D-rings and a webbing loop. The product B10x photos below do not reflect this updated design. The B30x belt photo does show this upgrade. Older belts can be upgraded for a nominal $5 fee (which basically covers shipping via Priority Mail back to you) if they are returned to us for this modification. It will be in the mail within 48 hours of receipt.