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Kinesis Product Sizing Page

I.D. = Inside Dimension

See this page for waist belt sizing.

See this page for sizing and info on harnesses and neck straps.

Lens Pouches

Most products below are for a single lens without a body attached.

Cylindrical Lens Pouches I.D. Height I.D. Diameter Notes

E110 (Small)

17cm (6-¾") 9.4cm (3-¾") For 18-85, 24-85 etc., 16-35 (w/o hood) & most 70-300s and other small prime lenses.
E165 (Medium) 15.3cm (6") 11cm (4-⅜") For 16-35/2.8, 17-40/4, 18-200/3.5-200, 24-70/2.8, 24-105/4 etc.
E190 (Medium Tall) 20cm (7-¾") 10cm (4") 
For Nikon 70-200/4, Nikon 80-400 VR & most 70-300 lenses with the hood attached and reversed.
E280 (Large)
25cm (9-¾")
11cm (4-⅜") 
For 70-200/2.8, 80-400 VR, 100-400/4.5-5.6, 75-300/4.5 & 300/4 lenses (all with tripod mounting collar & quick-release plate attached). Also works with other similar-sized lenses like the Canon RF 100-500/4.5-7.1.
E340 (X-Large)
31.5cm (12-½")
11cm (4-⅜") 
For 70-200/2.8 lens with the hood in the shooting position. Also for 400/5.6 lenses.
E584 (XX-Large I) 29.5cm (11-½") 13cm (5.1")
For Nikon 300/2.8, 200-500/5.6 or 150-600 G2 F5-6.3 with the hood & leatherette cap in the storage position.
E660 (XX-Large II)
29.5cm (11-½")
15.2cm (6")

Our most common size case for 300/2.8 lenses without a body attached.

E870 (XX-Large III)

29.5cm (11-½")

16.5cm (6-½")

For Canon 200/1.8 or Nikon 200/2.0 with the hood in the storage position. For 300/2.8s when used on a belt.

E976 (XXX-Large) 44.5cm (17-½") 16.5cm (6-½")

Probably the world’s smallest 500mm F4.0 case! Should also fit a 180-600/5.6-6.3, 200-400/4 or 120-300/2.8 lens w/o a body attached. Sony A1 & FE 200-600 f5.6-6.3 and the Olympus OM-1 & 150-400 f4.5 PRO combos each fit in the E976 while fitted with short Zemlin hoods in the shooting position. 

Rectangular Lens Pouches






F102 (Small Utility Pouch)
12hx11.5wx7.5d cm
4-1/2h x 4-1/2w x 3d"

For teleconverters, small prime lenses and some battery packs.

F161 (Large Utility Pouch)
12.5h x 19w x 7.5d cm
5h x7-1/2w x 3d"

Compact pouch for housing two small lenses or teleconverters side-by-side.

M330 (Small Utility Pouch)
17hx19.5wx9d" cm

Multi-purpose belt pouch for two lenses, a “medium-sized” body with a short lens attached. Used instead of a holster case.

M550 (Medium Multi-pouch)
17h x 29.5w x 10.5d cm
6-3/4h x 11-5/8w x 4-1/8d"

Mini camera bag or large belt pouch for housing two lenses or teleconverters side-by-side. Also holds a body with a lens attached, when laid on the side.

A634 (Reporter’s Waist Pack)
19h x 30w x 10d cm
7.5h x 11.75w x 4d"

Large belt pouch for housing two lenses or teleconverters side-by-side. Also holds a body with a lens attached, when laid on the side.

Holster Cases

Aka “zoom case” or tapered “camera and lens” cases for mirrorless or DSLR bodies. A Large- or Pro-sized body is one with a battery grip or similar in height, i.e. Nikon Z9 or Canon R3.
For additional details on the features, check out our Holster Intro page.

Holster Cases

I.D. Height Body Size Notes

C380 (Small)

21.5cm (8.4") Medium
Sized to fit a “medium-sized” body with a “short-length” lens attached.
C540 (Med-Tall) 23.5cm (9-¼") Large
Sized to hold a “large pro-sized body” with a smallish lens attached like a 18-55, 24-105/4, 18-200/3.5-5.6, 28-105, 28-135, 24-120, 24-70/2.8, most 70-300s etc.
C600 (Large) 31cm (12-1/4") Large
Sized to hold a large body with a lens with up to a 95mm filter diameter like a 100-400, 70-200/2.8, 75-300 or 100-500/4.5-7.1 lens attached with the hood reversed. Not confirmed, but should fit: Tamron SP 150-600mm f/5-6.3.
C850 (XL)
40.5cm (16")

Sized to hold a large body with a lens attached (up to a 95mm filter diameter) and the hood in the shooting position like a 70-200/2.8, 80-400, 100-400, Nikon 500/5.6 or a Sony a7rIV body with a Sigma 60-600.
Will also fit the following with a large body and the hood  in the stowed position: Nikon Z 180-600/5.6-6.3, Nikon 400/4.5, Sony a7rIV, and a Sigma 60-600 zoom,Nikon 200-500/5.6 or a Sony A7R IV with a FE 200-600/5.6-6.3 OSS.

C447 (Bottomless)
Small or Large

Fits nearly any size of body. It is a unique belt-mounted case designed for the photographer on the run, who needs a place to quickly stash a camera body with a lens attached.

  • The “d” or depth dimension of the case corresponds to measuring from the tripod thread (or quick-release plate) to the top of the prism or hot-shoe mount. The C540, C600 & the C850 holsters all have the same top opening dimension. These cases will yield a comfortable fit for a body up to 16cm (6.3") high or a snug fit for a body up to 17.5cm (6.75") high.
  • The “w” or width dimension corresponds to the width of your camera body (the left to right dimension as you are holding it up to shoot).
  • The “h" or height dimension of the case corresponds to the dimension measuring from the end of your lens cap to the back of the camera or LCD screen.

Long Lens Cases

Shoulder bag for super telephoto lenses with or without a body attached. Also check out this long lens case FAQ page.

The Kinesis L-Series cases are for super telephoto DSLR or mirrorless lenses such as 200/2, 200-400/4, 300/2.8, 500/4 & 600/4 with a “large” body attached. For cases without a body attached, see our smaller E-Series lens pouches (above).

Long Lens Cases

I.D. Height

I.D. Diameter



42cm (16-½")

17.8cm (7")

For 300/2.8, 200-500/5.6 or 400/4 DO lens with a body attached and hood reversed. Also fits a 500/4 or 200-400/4 lens without a body attached and the hood in the reversed, stowed position.


41cm (16")

20cm (7-⅞")

For a 300/2.8 with a body attached or a 400/2.8 without a body attached. Semi-rigid PolyCore construction.


53cm (20-¾")

17.8cm (7")

For 500/4, 200-400 or 150-600 with a body attached and the hood hood in the reversed, stowed position.


55.2cm (21-¾")

20cm (7-⅞")

For 400/2.8 or 800/5.6 with a body attached and the hood stowed. Also fits a 600/4 without a body attached and the hood stowed (reversed). Should fit newer mirrorless 600s with a body attached.


67cm (26-⅜")

17.8cm (7")

For a 500/4 or 200-400/4 with a body attached and the hood extended. Too large as an airline carry-on however.


67.5cm (26-⅝")

20cm (7-⅞")

For a 600/4 with the hood extended & no body attached or 500/4s with the hood extended and a body attached. Also for Sigma 800/5.6 EX or 300-800/5.6 lenses (hood reversed) with body attached. Too large as an airline carry-on bag however.


Shallow Extension Lid

Adds 30mm (1.2") to an existing PolyCore case


Fits onto a L321, L522 or L622, replacing the stock flat lid.

Deep Extension Lid

Adds 17cm (6-¾") to an existing PolyCore case


Fits onto a L321, L522 or L622, replacing the stock flat lid. Note: this product is kinda floppy and not terribly protective for day to day use (when compared to a taller case); it is best used as a dust cap while your case is strapped onto the seat of a car. 


We have probably the largest selection of cases for super telephoto lenses available anywhere. Because of this, it can be confusing to pick a case, but in the end, it allows a more custom fit for your gear. Selecting the correct long lens case depends on whether or not you intend to carry the lens with a body attached or carry the body separately. Many of our cases are designed to fit the lens with the hood attached (& usually reversed) with the leatherette cap and tripod foot in place. We only attempt to track the sizes of the two mainstream brands...Canon, Sony and Nikon. Sometimes specifications are posted for aftermarket brands, but that is only when we receive reports from customers. Manufacturers do NOT publish the specifications (lengths) for lens hoods mounted in the shooting position, so if you want that configuration, please make your own measurements and compare to the I.D. (inside dimension) specs on our site. As a general rule, follow these guidelines:  

*Height: to double-check your lens specs, measure from the end of the lens (with the leatherette hood over the end) to the back of the camera body. Check this against the I.D. (inside dimension) height of the case.
There is a little give in the stock “flat” lid of the PolyCore cases (L321, L522 or L622). It is approx. 15mm (or 5/8").

Diameter: the I.D. diameter is the largest circular (front element) size that will comfortably fit in the case. The problem with some long lenses (esp. Nikkors) is that the tripod mounting foot projects out further than the front element. Viewing the lens directly from above or using a flexible (seamstress style) measuring tape may help provide an estimate on the overall diameter.

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