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M161 — X-Small Multi-Pouch
M161 — X-Small Multi-Pouch
M161 — X-Small Multi-Pouch
Rear view showing the Kinesis Modular Attachment Tabs, D-Rings, & grab strap.
Optional Y208 strap can be clipped onto the bag for use over a shoulder or around a tripod.
The F169 can be attached to a tripod for convenient field use. The Y208 extension strap can be added for more length.
On the left is our old label. Some older inventory may have that label or the new one, on the right.
M161 — X-Small Multi-Pouch
M161 — X-Small Multi-Pouch
M161 — X-Small Multi-Pouch

M161 — X-Small Multi-Pouch

This is a compact rectangular-shaped pouch suitable for use on a belt or as a loose bag.
  • This pouch is the shell of the F169 Grad Filter Pouch with the filter divider set removed and replaced by a single padded divider and special “along the bottom and sides” padded divider that Velcro’s in place.
  • Included is a V020 divider so two fragile objects don’t clang against one another
  • Holds up to two lenses or teleconverters with a filter diameter up to 77mm or possibly 82mm (or any lens up to 85mm in diameter (3.3") and up to 125mm in length (5").
  • Also suitable for a mixture of rectangular and round glass filters.
  • Removable hand grab strap which can fit onto a camera bag strap or around tripod (can be extended longer with the addition of the Y208 strap).
  • Utilizes the new Kinesis Attachment Tab System (KATS) for attaching to a belt or for piggy-backing to larger cases. Will also attach to a non-Kinesis generic belt up to 50mm (2").
  • If you wish to have a smaller capacity pouch, consider purchasing an F102 or A200 instead.


5h x7.5w x 3d" I.D.
5.5h x 8w x 3.5d" O.D. approx.
Volume = 98 cu in
Weight = ~ 8.5 oz

12.5h x 19w x 7.5d cm I.D.
14h x 20.3w x 9 cm O.D. approx.
Volume  = 1.6 lit
Weight = ~ 230 g  

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa