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Kinesis — Neck Strap & Harness Recommendations

Harness Choices



H675 PJ Neck Strap

Padded Backpack Harness

H344 Y-Harness

Shoulder Straps

Chest-mounted DSLR Camera
or Holster Case
(may want to add H152 to stabilize)
(need to add H153)
Chest-mounted Point-n-Shoot Camera
Fair (overkill)
Poor (overkill)
(may want to
add H152)
Suspender Mode
(to assist carrying a waist belt)
(need to add H163 or H167)
N/A Fair
(need to add H160)


Backpack Mode
(harness which is attached to a Kinesis Journeyman backpack or convert a long lens case into a backpack)
N/A w/ Journeyman Pack or Long Lens Cases.

Fair with Tripod Cases.

N/A Good w/ Journeyman Pack or Long Lens Cases.

Fair for Tripod Bags (overkill).

N/A w/ Journeyman Pack or Long Lens Cases.

Good for Tripod Bags or P069 Hydration Pouch.

Case Slung over a Shoulder

*If you wish to alleviate the neck pain associated with the use of a camera neck strap, consider the H717 X-Harness. It is especially useful for those carrying heavy glass, like 2.8 zooms or big primes like a 300/2.8. The harness straps attach to the lugs on your DSLR (not to the tripod threads). It is designed to replace your existing neck strap, but you can quickly switch back to your neck strap if you are using a one with a pair of quick-release buckles. The H717 is very comfortable, but is complicated to initially configure (see our videos to assist).

If you plan to carry a holster case (with a DSLR inside) on a H717 X-Harness, no special adapters are needed. However, to attach a camera directly to the harness you MUST have a pair of quick-release buckles attached to each camera body. You have three choices:

  1. TYPICAL PACKAGE >> COMBINED X-HARNESS & KINESIS NECK STRAP USE: If you want to carry a DSLR (not in a holster case) and switch back and forth between the Kinesis neck strap and the H717 (using the built-in quick-release buckles) then order the H717-P package.
  2. COMBINED X-HARNESS & OTHER NECK STRAP BRANDS: If you are currently using the Tarmrac, UPStrap or Op/Tech neck strap system with quick-release buckles, then order the H717-A, H717-B or H717-C.
  3. EXCLUSIVE X-HARNESS USE: If you plan use the X-Harness all the time to carry a DSLR not enclosed in a holster case (& you have no need for a conventional neck strap), then the get the H717-K package and then add a H435 for additional camera bodies.
  4. HOLSTER CASE ONLY WITH X-HARNESS. If you wish to keep your DSLR inside a holster case and have it attached to the X-Harness, then choose the H717-H package. If you already have a X-Harness and want to add a holster case, then purchase the H437 pair of straps.