Despite COVID-19, we are open for business. All of our products are made in the USA, not in China.
Harness with DSLR (not included), H436, H435 straps and H164 stabilizing strap (over the nose of the lens).
Harness w/o a DSLR attached. The front “V” strap attaches to the torso strap and is adjustable.
Rear shot. Note the elastic panels on the lower left and lower right — this allows a snug fit yet permits you to breath!
In inner layer of fabric is made from a breathable knit, which is same as found on our waistbelts.
Detail of the optional H436 strap (on the right with the male quick-release buckle) and the adjustment tension buckle for the “V” strap.
The H164 stabilizing strap (in gray) quickly attaches or detaches to the harness via a simple Velcro closure.
Base harness shown with H436 & H435 strap sets.

H700 — Kinesis V-Harness

We have offered the H717 X-Harness for many years, but for some cameras, it is a bit overkill, consequently we introduced this lighter-weight harness. It is is a better alternative for those with a smaller DSLR with a lighter lens. 

  • The fabric facing your body is made from lightly padded, breathable polyester knit fabric.
  • The shoulder area has 6mm closed-cell foam.
  • The outer fabric is made from smooth urethane coated 400D nylon oxford cloth.
  • The front of the harness forms a “V” shape, hence the name. This design is especially comfortable to female photographers.

Available Kits

H700-P     V-Harness — Base harness w/ H436 strap set & H675 Photojournalist (PJ) Neck Strap. Our recommended package.
H700-N     V-Harness — Base harness w/ no add-on straps.
H700-K     V-Harness — Base harness w/ H436 strap set & H435 “Kinesis” adapters for a DSLR. 
H700-E     V-Harness — Base harness w/ H439 strap set for most Op/Tech neck strap systems. Requires Op/Tech adapters for the camera side, not provided.
H700-T     V-Harness — Base harness w/ H442 strap set for Tamrac neck strap systems. Requires Tamrac adapters for the camera side, not provided.
H700-H     V-Harness — Base harness for holster case use; comes w/ H437 snaphook strap set (attach to the holster side D-rings, not the rear ones).
H164          Camera Stabilizing Strap for H700 — Recommended when used on brisk walking or long hikes to keep your camera or case from bouncing around.

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa