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eoGear Bags “How-To” or Product Instructions

This is the place to find PDF instructional sheets and video links for eoGear Bag products. The Kinesis How-to Page is here.

Seat Bag Sizing Page — To determine which saddle bag or bracket is best for your bicycle.

SKS Adapter Instructions — Use of the SKS Bottle Cage Adapter which is found on many eoGEAR saddle bags, i.e. the 4.8-IA (SKU 3048, version 1.0) or 2.3-IA (SKU 3023) SeatBags, Dual-Mount Saddle Brackets (SKU 2316/2320) or the Rolltop SeatBag 9.0 (SKU 3090).

Cycling Bag Instructional PDFs

“L” Saddle Brackets (2314, 2315 or 2317)

Mini Saddle Bracket (2324)

Std Dual-mount or Highboy Dual-mount Saddle Brackets (2316 & 2320)

Handlebar Clamp-on Bracket (2323)

Wide Rail Adapter (2311)

Lightweight Dual-mount Saddle Brackets (2322 & 2326)

Zippered SeatBag (3023 & 3048 v. 1.0)

Handlebar bag and 2835 Waist Pack (3423 & 3425)

RollTop SeatBag 12.0 (3120)

Cycling Bag Instructional Videos

eoGear Channel

SeatBag 4.8 (v. 2.0) & 10.0 Instructions (SKU 3048 & 3100)

SeatBag 4.8 (v. 2.0) & 10.0 Accessories (SKU 3048 & 3100)

Clamp-on Handlebar Bracket (SKU 2323)

L-Bracket Instructions (2314 & 2316)

RandoBag Instructions (most are discontinued products, 2266, 2282 & 2293)

Discontinued Cycling Bag Instructional Videos

Rolltop SeatBag (10.0 prototype 3103), Part 1 (how to attach to the bag to a saddle)

Rolltop SeatBag (10.0 prototype 3103), Part 2 (how to compress the bag down smaller & other features)

Coil Zipper Repair

Zipper Pull Page (instructions on how to fix a zipper pull that is not closing properly) 

eoHYDRATION (SUP) Instructional Videos

System Introduction

Mesh Front Harness

Minimalist Front Harness

Rear Y Harness

Bottle Pouch

GPS Adapter

eoHYDRATION (SUP & Cycling) Harness Tips

SlikClip & Cam Lock Buckles (as shown on our sister site, Kinesis Photo Gear)