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Kinesis — How-to Use Misc. Buckles or Zipper Repair

Miscellaneous Buckle or Zippers “How-To” Instructions

SlikClip® Buckle (used on Y302, M550, V090 & V092)
1. Insert the SlikClip buckle over the 25mm (1") webbing.
2. Snap the buckle closed. This buckle is VERY weak and will fail if the it is not snapped shut.
3. To unclip the buckle, use your thumb and fore finger and pry it open.
Camlock Buckle (used on long lens cases & a few other products)
1. Insert the the 25mm (1") webbing through the opening as shown.
2. Press the buckle closed with your thumb and other fingers. To open, pull the end of the webbing to the left, popping open the buckle lever.
Heavy-duty Shoulder Strap Buckle (the Y515 which is provided with long lens cases)
1. This snap hook is the strongest non-metal buckle I could find. In my own tests, it supports full body weight (180+ pounds) without failure.
2. Press the lever open using your fingers and pressing the buckle against the palm of your hand. Insert the buckle into the flat portion of the D-Ring (you may need to rotate the D-ring around).
It will attach to the round side of D-rings but may not have the same strength or may prematurely wear out the snap hook. 
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