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Zipper Pull Repair

Occasionally, coil zipper pulls will fatigue and stop closing the zipper tape sufficiently. And sometimes, the manufacturer produces some pulls with too much of a gap, causing the zipper to not do it’s job correctly (as was the case in 2014 on a small batch of Top Tube Brevet Bags).

To remedy the situation follow these steps:

  • With the zipper pull sewn into the product, slide the pull to one extreme end of the tape (that way if you squeeze it too hard, you won’t damage the zipper tape in the middle of the “active” area of the zipper).
  • Then take a pair of pliers or ViceGrips and gently squeeze the back two ends of the pull as shown. If that doesn’t fix the problem, try it again, but applying more pressure. This should reduce the space in the pull, enabling the zipper pull to close the tape.


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