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Long lens case buckles. The style found on current L127s, L128s and all long lens cases is the “Stealth A.”
Padded Shallow Extension Lid
Padded Shallow Extension Lid
Padded Shallow Extension Lid

L127 — Shallow Extension Lid

This special lid adds 30mm (1.2") to the height of a PolyCore™ long lens case.

It replaces the stock “L125” flat lid provided with your case.

  • Adds approx. 30mm (1.2") to the height of any L320, L321, L520, L521, L522, L525, L526, L621 or the L622 case (there is a little give in the soft foam and Velcro of this lid, so one can “cheat up” the lid another 15mm, up to 45mm  (1.75").
  • Also fits on L311 or L511 cases with the goofy L228 adapter strap.
  • 10mm closed cell foam padding
  • When purchasing a new long lens case, it can be ordered instead of the standard L125 flat lid on any L321, L522 or L622 model (i.e. SKU # L127-B, $23 fee instead of the $49 as listed here).
  • It secures with a combination of Velcro and quick-release buckles.
  • Stow lens with hood in the shooting position or keep the body attached to your lens for fast-breaking shots — remove the deep lid for airline travel and overhead bin storage.
  • Note: Using this lid may render the sewn-in hand strap inoperable or tight to use — use the included Y515 shoulder strap instead.

Note to existing customers: If you are purchasing this product to retrofit an older long lens case (pre-2006), you MUST be sure it matches the current buckle style, which is now the “A” or Stealth style. If your case utilizes an older type of buckle, you can return the case to us for retrofitting (around $20 + shipping).
This product will not fit the discontinued larger-diameter L603, L630 or L631 cases.

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