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E165 — Medium Lens Pouch
Rear view of new KATS, easier to use now
E165 — Medium Lens Pouch
E165 — Medium Lens Pouch
E165 — Medium Lens Pouch

E165 — Medium Lens Pouch

For pro-sized wide-angle zoom lenses like 16-35/2.8, 17-40/4, 18-200/3.5-200, 24-70/2.8, 24-105/4 etc.
  • Improved with thicker, more rigid & protective foam (January 2011)*. 
  • Now utilizes the new, easier to use Kinesis Attachment Tab System (KATS) for attaching to a belt or for piggy-backing to larger cases. 
  • For pro-sized short zooms and primes lenses up to 15cm (5.9") tall with a filter size up to 77mm in diameter. 
  • Lens that will fit inside 10-22, 17-40/4, 18-200/3.5-5.6, 24(28)-70/2.8, 35-70/2.8, 24-120/3.5, 24-105/4, 16(17)-35/2.8, 20-35/2.8, 28-200/3.5, Canon 85/1.2L, 80-200/4.5, 100-300/4.5, and numerous large diameter prime lenses. Also provides a loose fit for the Canon 28-135 IS lens (for a snug "slower to use" fit, choose the E105).
  • Too short for 70-200/2.8 lenses. 
  • This pouch has a VERY LARGE inside diameter and may not be suitable for all lenses — measure carefully — consider the smaller F102, E110 or E190 instead.
  • Unconfirmed tight fit: Nikon 70-180/4.5-5.6 Macro.
  • Confirmed “near perfect” fit (10/07): Sigma 150/2.8 Macro with tripod collar w/ hood reversed.

Field Reports

“My Canon EF 11-24 F4 fits perfectly, with the top of the lens cap flush with the top of the pouch, before closing and zipping the top of the pouch. You couldn’t have custom built it any better to fit this lens.” (March 2019)


Single-wide allotment on belt.

6h x 4.375" dia I.D.**
Vol = 100 cu in
Weight = 4.75 oz.

15.3h x 11 cm dia I.D**
Vol = 1.65 lit
Weight = 135 g

*This new style uses 10mm (3/8") closed cell foam in the sides and bottom and 6mm (1/4") in the lid, compared to the old style which has 6mm foam in the sides and lid and 10mm in the bottom.
**This pouch will hold a lens up to 16cm (6.3") long like a Nikon 24-70/2.8 with a UV filter and the hood reversed (stowed position) — the top of the lens pouch will bulge up a little, but that is OK as it doesn't put any strain on the zipper.

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa