E110 — Small Lens Pouch
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E110 — Small Lens Pouch
E110 — Small Lens Pouch
E110 — Small Lens Pouch

E110 — Small Lens Pouch

This pouch is for small diameter DSLR lenses like 18-85, 24-85 etc., 16-35 (w/o hood) & most 70-300s and other small prime lenses.

  • Our smallest cylindrical lens pouch.
  • For a smaller lens pouch, choose the minimally padded F102 pouch instead. Also look at the A200 which will house two teleconverters or small prime lenses.

Compatible Lenses

  • For small diameter DSLR or mirrorless lenses up to 57cm (5.9") tall, like 18-200/3.5-5.6 (with the hood retracted), 28-80/3.5, 28-105/3.5, 24-85 etc., most 70-300s (some 70-300s require the slightly larger E190), 16-35 (w/o the hood) and other lenses without the hoods with filter size up to 77mm.
  • It is too small for pro-sized 2.8 zooms with hoods attached (either reversed or in shooting mode) — choose the E165 instead.

Field Reports

  • Nikon 180/2.8D lens fits quite comfortably (Nov. 2011).
  • Fits Sigma 15-30 EX DG lens with hood.
  • Fits most 645 or 6x6 medium format lenses w/o hood attached (i.e. 50/4, 80/2.8, 150/4, 180/4 etc., but the 40mm Hassy lens needs the larger E165).


KATS Space Occupied: 1.0 modules (the horizontal space required by the Kinesis Attachment Tab System [KATS] on a belt or case).

Constructed with 6mm (1/4") closed cell foam in the sides, back and top and 10mm on the bottom.

6.75h x 3.7"* dia I.D.
Vol = 67 cu in
Weight = 4.5 oz.

17h x 9.4cm* dia I.D.
Vol = 1.1 lit.
Weight = 126 g

*A lens up to this diameter “fits comfortably,” providing a quick in and out. A larger diameter lens or hood up to 9.8cm (3.8") will fit, but it is snug fit and is the lens is slow to insert and remove.

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa