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C540 — Medium-tall Holster Case
The KATS (Kinesis Attachment Tab System) is now on all holster cases now (some of the other photos are dated & don’t reflect that change).
C540 — Medium-tall Holster Case
Each C-Series case features a Kinesis exclusive—a over the top QuickClose™ strap. This is faster than using the zipper each time and keeps the camera intact.
Click for detailed captions (zipper flap has been replaced by a water repellent zipper tape & cases now have KATS on back)
C540 — Medium-tall Holster Case
A jacket or other small soft accessory can be tucked under the QuickClose strap on the lid.
C540 — Medium-tall Holster Case
Lens pouches can be attached to either side of a holster case (C640 shown) and stabilized with a Y208 strap. Feed the strap through the webbing slot, which is right below the label.
Sling a Y315 (or heavier Y515) shoulder strap across your chest and attach to a holster case for additional support.
A holster can be carried in front on the chest.
Side view showing webbing slots for attaching pouches. Siamese SlikClip buckles are for attaching old-style TwinBuckle pouches & can be removed.
Sling a Y315 (or heavier Y515) shoulder strap across your chest and attach to a holster case for additional support.
We’ve changed our logo! Old label on the left—new one on the right. Some current inventory may have old label.
C540 — Medium-tall Holster Case

C540 — Medium-tall Holster Case

The C540 holster is designed to fit a “large pro-sized body” with a smallish lens attached.

  • This is an unusual case because it it large enough to hold a full-size pro body (i.e. Canon 1-series, Nikon D3-series or a 5D, 20D, D70 etc. w/ vertical grip), yet is short enough for a pro-sized normal or wide-angle lens with “small lens” (18-55, 24-105/4L, 18-200/3.5-5.6, 28-105, 28-135, 24-120, 24-70/2.8, most 70-300s etc).
  • Most holster cases that are sized for a pro body are designed to hold a longer lens, like a 70-200/2.8. When used on a waist belt, the optional Y309 strap kit is recommended to prevent the top of the case from pulling away from the belt.
  • The outside pocket will hold nearly any shoe-mount flash on the market (Nikon SB800 is snug, but it fits). It also features a easier-to-open zipper shape. This pocket will hold one shoe-mount flash unit or some prime lenses like a 50/1.4 with the hood attached & reversed (it is unpadded so one should exercise caution).
  • Features an “under the lid” pocket for lens caps, lens tissue, CF or SD cards.
  • Each side of the holster has a row of webbing with slots sewn into it. This is for piggy-backing a lens pouch or other small Kinesis pouch. To stabilize the pouch, we recommend adding a Y305 strap. A Y208 will also work, but it doesn’t attach to the corners, but instead surrounds the whole case. See captions on detail photos.
  • We are providing one pair of Siamese SlikClip buckles for attaching old style Kinesis TwinBuckle pouches to one side of the case. If you need additional Siamese SlikClips, they are available at cost, upon request. See detail photo. 

Field Reports

  • A DSLR body with the Nikon 500mm F/5.6E PF ED VR with the hood reversed, should just barely fit inside this case (unconfirmed, May 2019).
  • “The case is a perfect fit for the D700 with the 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G VR IF-ED.” (June 2010) “The C540 fits my D3 with RRS L plate plus 24-70mm f2.8 lens perfectly.” (March 2012)
  • I am very pleased with your C540 update to the C500 bag. (I already own a good sized collection of your gear.) To me, the C540 is a wonderful instantiation of your philosophy of continual, evolutionary improvement of your products. Each of the changes  represents careful thought and value added improvement to the mid-sized holster bag. The build quality and materials remain top notch as always. I continue to welcome the opportunity to buy designed and made in USA products. Congratulations to you and your team and best wishes for continued success. The C540 is a perfect fit for my Nikon D750 with Nikon 24-120mm f/4 lens and Really Right Stuff L-bracket.” (October 2015)


KATS space occupied: 1.5-wide modules
Constructed with 10mm closed cell foam on the sides, 6mm on the lid, and for additional protection, 16mm on the bottom.

Top Opening* = 6dx7w"
Bottom (nose of the case)** = 4-1/2 x 4-1/2"
Inside Height = 9-1/4"
Volume = 330 cu in (includes 60 cu in pocket)
Weight (w/ CameraCushion) = 11.5 oz.

Top Opening* = 15dx18w cm
Bot. (nose of the case)** = 11.5x11.5 cm
Height = 23.5 cm
Volume = 5.4 liters (includes approx. 1000 ml pocket)
Weight (w/ CameraCushion) = 327 g

*The “d” or depth dimension of the case corresponds to the “height” of your camera body (measuring from the tripod thread to the top of the prism or hot-shoe mount).
The “w” or width dimension corresponds to the width of your camera body (the left to right dimension as you are holding it up to shoot).
The C540, C600 & the C850 holsters all have the same top opening dimension. These cases will yield a comfortable fit for a body up to 16cm (6.3") high or a tight fit for a body up to 17.5cm (6.75") high.

**The bottom of the C540 is 11.5cm (4-3/8") square, but it will accommodate a lens up to 12cm (4-3/4") in diameter — the front & rear just bulges out a little.
Designed and Crafted in the USA
made in usa