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H157 — Camera Stabilizing Belt Strap
H157 — Camera Stabilizing Belt Strap

H157 — Camera Stabilizing Belt Strap

Stabilizes a DSLR while worn around your neck or while attached to a harness.

The H157 attaches to a Kinesis waist belt (and many other brands too, as long as they have 25mm / 1" webbing to attach to).
  • The main strap uses 2cm (3/4") nylon webbing. It attaches to the 25mm (1") webbing found on all Kinesis belts via a pair of SlikClip® buckles. Additionally, there is a pair of adjustable quick-release buckles so you can quickly remove the main strap, leaving the SlickClips attached to your belt.
  • The advantage the H157 over the H152 is that you don't have the slight discomfort of an extra belt around your torso. The disadvantage of the H157, compared to the H152, is that neck strain is not relieved -- in fact, if adjusted snugly, this may actually increase the weight on your neck. If your camera is hanging from your harness, then this problem is mitigated as the weight is spread out over the entire harness.
  • Normally, you would attach this strap to your waist belt, directly below your arm pits.
  • The H157 ONLY attaches to a Kinesis belt and not a regular pants belt.


37 g (1.3 oz.).
Maximum length: 106cm (41.75")

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa