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Red Prototype (pocket top is slanted more than on final production models).
Rear view showing the stem strap. I can be place around the stem or top tube.
Lanyard for keys, GPS etc.
Here is how the strap attaches to your handlebars.
eoGEAR Large Burrito Bag
This bag is larger than many other so-called Burrito Bags—slightly larger diameter than a 2L bottle.
Lightweight stuff sack attaches to the front for stowing a rain jacket.
The 2445 D-ring strap is for attaching gear to the bags.
Single D-ring Strap “A Mode” Instructions 1: Slip the strap through the bottom right D-ring (highlighted) of the bag & then thread through the upper center D-ring on the bag.
Single D-ring Strap ”A Mode” Instructions 2: Continue feeding the strap through the bottom left D-ring of the bag and back onto itself.
Single strap “A Mode” Instructions 3: For safety, be sure to slide the cord of the bag through the strap (2 L stuff sack shown).
A pair of D-ring Straps can be used instead of one. For safety, be sure to slide the cord of the bag through one or both of the straps.
This bag will fit on some saddles too. The handlebar straps are a tad wide & will require a pair of pliers to squeeze them into the slots found on appropriate saddles.
eoGEAR Large Burrito Bag
eoGEAR Large Burrito Bag
eoGEAR Large Burrito Bag

eoGEAR Large Burrito Bag

This is our mid-size handlebar bag. It fits onto nearly every handlebar: flat bar mountain, hybrid, e-bike or drop bar road/gravel bikes. It also fits onto some saddles — see this page for details.

FEATURES—Three attachment points. Two straps (Velcro-like material) for attaching to your handlebars and a third strap that goes around the head tube or stem (see caution note below). The main handlebar straps can be adjust for different widths. They fit any bar from 22mm up to 35mm in diameter.

MAIN COMPARTMENT—Holds a jacket, arm warmers, repair kit and snacks. It has a single heavy-duty #8 YKK water-repellent zipper. The bag is lined with a thin piece of plastic which gives it shape. Inside the main compartment is a lanyard for attaching keys or a GPS. The diameter of this bag is a little larger than a 2L soda pop bottle, which is slightly larger than many other similar-styled bags on the market. 

OUTSIDE—On each end of the bag are mesh pockets with an elastic top. There is also a pair of corded loop “rings” for carrying the bag as a shoulder bag. On the front side are five D-rings for attaching accessories.

CONSTRUCTION—The exterior of the bag is constructed of rugged 400-denier Nylon Pack cloth or 420-denier Ripstop Nylon fabric (with a water-repellent coating on the inside of the fabric — we don’t use cheap polyester fabrics like some imported bags). The outside of bag has reflective strips for use in dim light or night riding.

COLOR CHOICES—Our current model is now predominantly black with a dark gray or red accent on the ends. 

OTHER CHOICES—For a larger handlebar bag, look at our Junk Drawer H-Bag (# 3335-KIT) the zippered Rando 6.8 H-Bag (# 2268-CLA) or the RollTop 8.2 bag attached to a separate adapter.  


Size: this bag is larger than many other so-called Burrito Bags—it is slightly larger diameter than a 2L bottle (see attached photo). If you are looking for something smaller, consider our Small Handlebar Bag here.

Light or GPS Units: Some handlebar bags block the use of handlebar mounted lights or “out front” GPS units, but because of the curve of this bag, this is generally not problem.

The skinny lower strap on this bag slips around the stem or head tube of your bike. It may scratch certain paint jobs, in which case you may want to use helicopter or frame protector tape.
The circumference of some super-flat aero carbon road handlebars may necessitate a long strap. Consider version 2.0 Extender Straps.

Assembly Instructions: to save on shipping costs we may ship these bags flat (ever tried mailing a balloon?); if so, roll up the plastic stiffener (with the Velcro facing inward), at a slight angle, insert it into the bag & then unroll it. Slip the corners of the plastic under the webbing flaps.


Weight: 194 g (6.8 oz.)
Volume: 3.0 liters (183 cu in) — The main compartment is 2.9 liters and the side pockets hold about another .1 liter.
Inside Dimensions (Width x Dia): 23 x 11.5 cm (9 x 4.5")
eoGEAR SKU # 3430-G01 (gray) or 3430-R01 (red)

Designed & Crafted in USA

made in usa