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The foundation of the attachment system is this, the Saddle Rail Bar (SRB) system which clamps the top of the bag very securely to the rails of your saddle.
Sewn inside the SRB is a small, stiff piece of aircraft-grade aluminum.
Side gussets for easily rolling up of the bag.
The 12.0 features side gussets for easier folding of the top (6.6 shown).
Webbing slots for accepting eoGEAR pouches with Dual Tab System (DTS).
Webbing slots for accepting eoGEAR pouches with Dual Tab System (DTS).
Accessories or pouches can be attached to the top and/or sides of the bag (exercise caution on a single track with side pouches).
The 2.5 Pocket attaches in four places for maximum stability (two on each side).
Another view of a fully loaded bag.
A bivy sack (shown on top) can be attached with optional D-Ring straps.
The D-Ring Straps are for attaching gear to the bags or to the bracket.
eoGEAR Rolltop SeatBag™ 12.0
Close up of D-Rings & webbing slots for eoGEAR bags with Dual Tab System (DTS).
The rear panel has reflective stripes for night safety.
Top view
Bottom view
Typical loaded weight is about 80-100 oz. (5-7 lbs or approx. 2.5 to 3.0 kg).
Tuck away the grab strap when piggy-backing it on another bag.
Accessory bags can be added as waterproof inserts.
eoGEAR Rolltop SeatBag™ 12.0
eoGEAR Rolltop SeatBag™ 12.0
eoGEAR Rolltop SeatBag™ 12.0

eoGEAR Rolltop SeatBag™ 12.0


Our first bikepacking-specific bag! This saddlebag is part of the eoGEAR SeatBag family — a saddle-mounted bag for the self-sufficient bikepacker or roadie. It is our largest bike bag featuring an easy-to-use roll-top “dry bag style” opening with one large compartment. Currently available only in a black and gray. Custom colors available upon request.

Several features set this bag apart from others:

  1. Saddle Rail Bar (SRB) feature. We use a small piece of aircraft aluminum (6061-T6) combined with some pieces of strong nylon webbing and Velcro for securing the bag to the rails of your saddle. No separate bracket is required.
  2. Gussets on the side panels to facilitate easier rolling up the bag.
  3. E-Z one Y-strap closing system on the rear of the bag.
  4. Reflective tape on the sides and rear for roadie use.
  5. Bottom webbing “skid plate.” Extra insurance, in the event the bag rubs onto your rear tire.
  6. eoGEAR Dual Tab System (DTS, MOLLE compatible) — webbing slots for attaching or “piggy-backing” smaller pouches onto either side or the top of this bag for more capacity and to aid in organizing your gear (photos coming!)

Other Features

  • Attaches to nearly all saddles without the need for a separate bracket.
  • The bag is very compressible — once you have removed a lot of the contents, i.e. clothing (i.e. night riding), the bag squishes down, so the remaining contents don't rattle around.
  • Constructed of a combination of 1000-denier, 6.5 oz. 420-denier Nylon Diamond Ripstop and 400D pack cloth. All have a water-repellent coating on the inside of the fabric — we don’t use cheap polyester fabrics like some imported bags.
  • Silver-colored webbing used for the compression strap for easy of use in dim light
  • Also visit the owners personal blog page for the design background of why he created this series of bags

Saddle & Frame Compatibility

You will need 24cm (9-1/2") of clearance from the bottom of your saddle rails to the top of your rear tire. See eogear.com/fit for details.


Weight: 446 g (15.7 oz.)

Volume: 12 liters (730 cu in) with the the ends rolled or folded twice.

Bag Dimensions (HxWxD): coming

Bag attaches to two points on your bike: 1) Saddle, Rail Rebar Attachment (RRA) system & 2) Seatpost: 50mm (2") Velcro/webbing around the seatpost, layered with a sticky rubber-like fabric.

eoGEAR SKU # 3120-GIA

The fabric of this bag is waterproof, but due to stitching the bags, water may seep through the seams. We recommend using an internal dry bag for keeping critical items dry.

Designed and Crafted in the USA

made in usa