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Optional Fuel Box holds real food or tech food for eating “on the run.”
The bag will hold one or two tubes with other tools. NOTE: the small size does not have a side zip pocket as shown on this medium model.
Optional fuel box fits in any of our top tube bags.
The zipper opens in such in a convenient manner for GPS or light battery cables. NOTE: the small bag does not have the side pocket as shown.
If you find the straps to be too long, fold & pinch them underneath as (medium bag shown).
The Medium is 1/2" wider than the Small. The Medium & Large and about the same width, but the top edge is shaped differently.
Follow the instructional captions in the following photos.
The Spacer Pad can be added to any top tube bag stem strap. Gently slip it over the ends of the straps (you will need to rotate the nylon rectangular loop sideways) and snug it up so it is flush against the bag. On models with an adjustable height daisy chain, be sure the doubled over part of the strap (highlighted) is facing inwards.
eoGEAR Small Century Bag
eoGEAR Small Century Bag
eoGEAR Small Century Bag

eoGEAR Small Century Bag


This top tube bag will attach to nearly any bicycle: road, mountain, urban, tandem, recumbent, gravel grinder or cross. This model is just a tiny bit smaller than the popular Medium Century Bag (by about 12mm or 1/2") — also, it does not have the side pockets that the larger bags have.

  • Attaches to the top tube and stem of bicycle
  • One compartment which will hold most “standard sized” smart phones, even with a beefy case on them (iPhone 4 or 5 and most Android models)
  • The main compartment is sized to hold our exclusive fuel container (# 2451) — no more messy food in your jersey pockets
  • Zipper can be operated with one hand.
  • Exterior of the bag constructed of rugged 400-denier Nylon Pack cloth or 420-denier Ripstop Nylon fabric (with a water-repellent coating on the inside of the fabric — we don’t use cheap polyester fabrics like some imported bags).
  • The main compartment has heavy-duty #8 water-repellent zipper (unlike most other manufacturers which use a smaller, less durable #3 or #5). It opens from the front, so you can use it for stowing an external battery packs for powering your light or GPS.
  • Bag attaches with three hook & loop straps (no elastic that will allow bag to flop around)
  • Reflective strips on each side for use in dim light or night riding.
  • Light 3mm foam padding on bottom for protection of contents against vibrations of road or trail.


  • Some cyclists do not like having a bag on the top tube as it may interfere with their knees while standing up to pedal.
  • We have had isolated reports of paint rubbing off caused from the straps or fabric on this bag. You may want to apply a piece of clear frame protection film or ISC so-called “helicopter” tape to your top tube.
  • This bag is version 1.0 and the eoGEAR top tube Spacer Pad will not fit on it. A later version, 2.0, will accept a Spacer Pad. 


  • A Spacer Pad only works with the newer style, version 2.0.
    It provides some space between the bag and bolts of your stem. It facilitates larger phones if yours is barely going to fit. Some people find the steering is smoother with this, but it is strictly optional (# 2459). If your stem sits really high on the fork, with a bunch of spacers, then a Spacer Pad is not really needed.
  • The main compartment is sized to hold our exclusive Fuel Container (# 2451) — no more messy food in your jersey pockets.
  • Tandems or “bents” may require a pair of our #2446 Extension Straps for the bottom Velcro-like straps as the top tubes of these bicycles are larger in diameter.

Phone Compatibility

This bag fits the following: all flip phones, smaller iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S, 3, 4 or S5 all with a “normal-sized” case. A Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or 4 with a very small, minimalist case will fit.* The iPhone 6+ will fit, but it is very snug and not recommended. A “minimalist-sized” case usually means it adds only 1 to 2mm to each of dimension of a naked phone. Or, in other words, a phone & case up to approx. 153mm x 80mm (6.0 x 3.1") is the maximum size that will fit in this bag.


*These phones with a very minimal case fit inside this bag— only when tilted at a slight angle. One must exercise care when closing the zipper so it doesn’t catch the corner of the phone and scratch it. Otherwise, we recommend one of our larger Century Bags.


Independent Product Review

Also see this review from Bicycle Times magazine.

Richard’s Recommendation

On longer brevets or double-centuries, where one is frequently riding in the early morning or evening hours, it necessitates wearing a jacket covering your jersey pockets — this bag serves as a practical substitute for stowing and accessing the gear or food that is commonly kept there.


Weight: 73 g (2.6 oz.)
Volume: 630 ml (38 cu in)
Inside Dimensions (bottom of the bag): 10h x15w x 4.5d cm (3.9h x 5.9w x1.75d")


Outside Dimensions: 11.0h x 15.5w x 4.7d cm (4.3h x 6.1w x 1.85d")

Fits a top tube with a circumference up to 18cm (7"). If you using a tandem or recumbent with a larger than typical tube size, then purchase our optional Top Tube Bag Extender Straps.

eoGEAR SKU # 2007-K02 (black) or 2007-R02 (red), formerly listed as the Century Bag Lite.

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa