Rounded corners enable this pouch to easily slip in your jersey pocket.
Two pockets for both thin and bulky items.
Mesh backing is VERY breathable, preventing sweat built-up against your back.
Handy size. Bright red color to (hopefully) prevent loss in your local c-store.
A randonneuring brevet card can be folded in half and stuffed in the main compartment.
Optional waist belt (25mm/1" wide) clips to the Aeropouch, converting into a mini fanny pack (# 2585).
eoGEAR AeroPouch™
eoGEAR AeroPouch™
eoGEAR AeroPouch™

eoGEAR AeroPouch™


This small bag was designed for stashing oft-used gear in the rear pocket of your cycling jersey. It is especially useful at convenience stores or aid stations — having it “on” you so you don’t have to access a bike-mounted bag.

  • In the main compartment you can stow a spare tube, CO2, ibuprofen, sunscreen, electrolytes, nutrition, keys, pen or a small phone.
  • Cash or a thin wallet (i.e. Liberty Mtn Vinyl) will fit into the outside pocket.
  • Converts to a mini fanny pack with the optional waist belt (# 2585)
  • It is also useful for skiers, backpackers or trail runners as an organizational aid for use inside a larger pack or bag.
  • Version 3.0 uses lighter-weight 70-denier Siliconized fabric instead. All versions use polyester mesh fabric on the back which very breathable so your back won’t get sweaty (unlike AeroPouch 1.0). 
  • Note: a 4.25 x 5.5" passport-like brevet card will not fit in the main compartment unless it is folded in half and inserted into a trimmed down eoGEAR Fold-over Poly Envelope (trimmed down). 


Weight: 32 g (1.2 oz.)
Outside Dimensions: 10.5h x 16.5w 2.5d cm (4h x 6.5w 1d inches)
Volume: 550 mL (36 cu in)
Made in USA
eoGEAR SKU # 2920-R03 or 2920-K03

made in usa