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Bag mounted on it’s side with the main zipper facing the camera and pocket zipper accessible from the top. Only three straps are needed for this configuration.
Another view of the bag sitting on it’s side.
For heavier loads (i.e. full water bottle) the provided D-ring compression strap helps prevent sway. INSTRUCTIONS: Loop it through itself on the opposite side and bring it underneath and around the other “bar.”
Hydration flasks like we offer, can be inserted inside the bag.
The UltrAspire Hybrid bottle sits vertically with the lid poking up. It is water tight, so you won’t want to lay this bottle on it’ side.
Main zipper opens to one side. The bag can be oriented so it opens on the left or right. Shown are two dividers...only one is included with the base price.
Inside view with dividers (mounted to handlebars...but you get the idea). Only one divider is provided with the Aeropouch kit, but extras can be purchased.
INSTRUCTIONS: Place the one or two dividers near the center of the pouch to keep the bag from sagging while mounted in the sideways position.
The kit includes the bag, a padded divider, 4 short straps and a longer compression strap.
By adding four Uniloops to the Dual Tabs, it facilitates lashing on more gear using a D-ring strap.
The bag can be mounted  “normally” with the zipper upright as seen in this photo sent in by a customer. It is mounted to a Trek 520 touring bike. Photo: T. Hutt
eoGEAR Aerobar Bag Kit
eoGEAR Aerobar Bag Kit
This is a prototype...current models have four D-rings and a special rectangular Uniloop on this side.
This is a prototype...current models have four D-rings and a special rectangular Uniloop on this side.
This is a prototype...current models have four D-rings and a special rectangular Uniloop on this side.

eoGEAR Aerobar Bag Kit


This Junk Drawer Bag (SKU # 3435) started out as a wide compartmentalized handlebar bag, but with the addition of a few more D-rings & a strap set, we converted it into an “aerobar bag.” 

  • The bag can be mounted two ways:
    1) Attach the bag with the main zipper in the “normal” upright position, right between the two bars. The main compartment can be accessed while on the bike. It fits bars with a outside width up to approx. 7 to 10cm / 2.75 to 4". 
    2) Attach the bag on it’s side with the side pocket zipper facing up and accessible to the rider. The main zipper is accessible from the edge. The bag is more aero this way. With this method, we recommend using one or two dividers to keep the sides of the bag from separating and sagging. It would be better to them right down the center as there is a seam where the pocket is made and then place the other divider (if desired) off center on either side.
  • The kit includes:
    - Junk Drawer Bag
    - One padded divider which can be moved or removed as it uses Velcro (additionals can be purchased as add-ons, SKU # 2452)
    - Four short 20mm-wide Silicone-backed Omni-Tape D-Ring straps (Velcro-like on one side only). They are very sticky to keep the bag from sliding down the bars.
    - One long compression D-ring compression strap (SKU # 2445-LRG, but not on our site yet as a separate product)
  • The bag is constructed of a combination of 420-denier Nylon Diamond Ripstop and Nylon Pack Cloth. It has a water-repellent coating on the inside of the fabric — we don’t use cheap polyester fabrics like some imported bags.
  • The main compartment uses heavy-duty #8 water-repellent zipper. The side zipper uses a #5 coil zipper. This zipper is not water-repellant. A 1-liter Nalgene water bottle (or any bike bottle) will fit inside with room to spare.
  • There is a hand-grab loop for off-bike use.
  • Bikepacking feature: with the bag in the vertical “upright” mode, additional gear can be strapped to either or both sides of the bag using the four D-rings on the front side and by adding four Uniloops to the DTS tabs on the back side.
  • The bag has our exclusive eoGEAR DTS (Dual Tab System — two strong Velcro straps that double over each other) which also attach to your handlebars (using the 2351 strap kit) or to your waist belt (up to 2" tall) or to our nylon waist belt.
  • The width & shape of this bag works ideally as a waist-mounted fanny pack (select the optional waist belt or attach to your own).
  • Will not mount to a saddle.


5.5h x 11.50w x 3.25d" I.D.
Volume = 214 cu in
Weight = 7.6 oz.

14h x 29w
8.5d cm I.D.
Volume = 3.5 lit
Weight = 215 g

eoGEAR SKU # 3440-KIT
UPC # 680474824045

Designed and Crafted in the USA

made in usa