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Bag attached to a Rando Bracket & secured to a saddle.  Optional stuff sack attached.
This bag has one zippered pocket which is accessible while the bag is closed.
D-rings on back for accessories like a jacket or spare tire.
This bag has a pair of the Dual Tab System Velcro-like tabs on the back (DTS).
Per the request of a customer, a reference photo: 9.0 bag & a 1/2-gal milk carton.
eoGEAR Rolltop SeatBag 9.0
eoGEAR Rolltop SeatBag 9.0
eoGEAR Rolltop SeatBag 9.0

eoGEAR Rolltop SeatBag 9.0



It features an easy-to-use roll-top “dry bag style” opening with one large compartment and additional outside pockets. The version 3090 is discontinued, as it was replaced by the 10.0 bag. The 3092 version, on the other hand, fits on either a saddle or handlebars but requires a separate adapter.

  • The bag is very compressible — once you have removed a lot of the contents, i.e. clothing (i.e. night riding), the bag squishes down, so the remaining contents don't rattle around, similar to an internal-frame backpack.
  • Three pockets: two side mesh pockets and a zippered pocket on the back. 
  • There are two pair of D-rings for attaching additional gear or apparel. One pair is on top near the saddle and another pair is on the rear zippered pocket.
  • The rear of the bag accepts the Piggy-back Pocket 2.5 (for more capacity) and/or a Reflective Triangle.
  • The lower body of the bag is reinforced with a stiff HDPE framesheet. This design greatly minimizes the side-to-side sway that is often seen on other large saddle mounted bags, especially when one stands up to pedal.
  • It is constructed of a combination of 6.5 oz. 420-denier Nylon Diamond Ripstop and 420D packcloth. Both have a water-repellent coating on the inside of the fabric — we don’t use cheap polyester fabrics like some imported bags.
  • The pocket uses heavy-duty #8 water-repellent zipper.
  • Gray-colored webbing used for the compression strap for easy of use in dim light.
  • Reflective tape on the sides and rear of the bag.
  • We received one report that with a smallish road frame (52cm) with the maximum saddle set-back, that one’s legs may brush against the bag of the bag. 
  • Also visit the owners personal blog page for the design background of why he created this series of bags

Differences Between the RandoBag 8.2 and this, the RandoBag 9.0 Bag 

  • The 9.0 has more pockets for better organization than the 8.2. The zippered pocket on the 9.0 is larger than the 8.2 pocket.
  • The 9.0 has two mesh pockets instead of one.
  • The 9.0 has a more trim bottom, providing more clearance above the tire than the 8.2.
  • The 9.0 has a tiny bit more volume. '
  • The 8.2 has additional compression straps and may be more stable for MTB use. 

Rants & Raves

“Thanks for a terrific product! Finally a bag system that holds as much stuff as a rack, but without the rack!  I really like that the bag doesn't rub against my thighs, even though I mount the bag on the front of the board.” (D.W. from Davis, Calif., Sept. 2011 regarding the RandoBag 6.8). 


Weight: 475 g (16.8 oz.)
Stock color is black with gray accent panels.

Total volume: 9.0 liters or 550 cu in. The volume of main compartment is 8.5 liters w/ 2 folds on top; the zippered pocket adds .5 liter. The volume of the bag is based on folding or rolling the bag twice on top—you can only roll it once and/or clip the top two buckles together like a dry bag (and then connect the side straps to themselves in front of the bag, in which case you can gain about another liter or so of volume.

Bag dimensions (approx. HxWxD): 40* x 17 x 12.75cm (15.3* x 6.7 x 5.0"). *With the top rolled over twice.

The fabric of this bag is waterproof, but due to stitching the bags, water may seep through the seams. We recommend using an internal dry bag for keeping critical items dry.

eoGEAR SKU # 3090-GIA, SeatBag 9.0 with built in saddle-bracket has been discontinued but the version that mounts with a separate DTS (Dual Tab System) or seatpost adapter is still available. 
eoGEAR SKU # 3092-G00, RandoBag 9.0 (has the Velcro Dual Tab System on the back; no saddle adapters, must be used with an RandoBag modular seat bracket or a handlebar adapter like the 2354 or 2323).

Designed and Crafted in the USA

made in usa