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Saddle Bracket Screw & Washer Set (pair)

Saddle Bracket Screw & Washer Set (pair)


  • Sold in pairs and includes a pair of lock washers
  • Extra “back up” screws for eoGEAR saddle brackets (OEM is Minoura)
  • Recommended if doing long, unsupported events
  • Consider using these instead of the stock Minoura screws and then carry the Minoura screws as your back up (we believe this is a higher quality screw compared to the pair supplied by Minoura)


Socket Head Cap Screw, M5 (0.8mm pitch) x 20mm long. Uses a 4mm hex or allen wrench.
Length is measured from underneath the cap.
Made from high-strength steel alloy. They have a Class 5g6g thread fit, a minimum Rockwell hardness of C39, and minimum tensile strength of 174,000 psi. Dimensions meet DIN 912/ISO 4762.

eoGEAR SKU # 2318