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Liberty Mountain Watertight Vinyl Wallet

Liberty Mountain Watertight Vinyl Wallet


  • Protect your cash, licenses, cards and other valuables from the elements.
  • Heavy vinyl design is slimmer profile than Jimi wallets
  • Features two zippered compartments and a non-zippered slip pocket (the slip pocket is not shown clearly in photo, but is just under the Liberty Mountain logo).
  • Easily fits in the zippered pocket of the Kinesis TTB bag
  • Not suitable for sub- or near-freezing temps as the vinyl cracks

Richard’s Recommendation

User Tip: I use this wallet by putting my ID and credit card in one ZipLoc-style compartment and coins in the other. I find it easiest to put my currency in the inside slip pocket as I only need them in half, and not in thirds as required if using the zippered pocket.

Specifications (Verified)

Weight: 27 g (.9 oz.)
Folded size (photo is shown flat): 12cm x 8cm x 3mm thick (4-3/4 x 3-1/8 x 1/8")
eoGEAR SKU # 4915-F00

Made in China
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